Mordavia website down

Has anyone received notice form the hosts BoCaPa of why the Mordavia website is down? Steve, I think the accounts were coming to you now so they may have contacted you.

I’ve just emailed Paul Headington, but not sure if he still works there.

Still following up on this.

The hosting still seems to be in place, I can access it via FTP.

The domain is not due for renewal until 22nd of this month, am in contact with Steve Shipway about how to handle this.

Still mystified about why the site is unavailable. Perhaps the hosts have changed their hostnames or something.

I’ve paid US$10 to renew the domain

Might take a while to kick in. And given it wasn’t due to expire until the 22nd, I’m not sure whether it will fix the issue. is about to expire again.

The hosts never replied to me about why the website isn’t up. Probably we haven’t been paying for the hosting - it was handed over to NZLARPS to paybut I think Steve Shipway lost touch with the hosts. Curiously, still works, so they must at least be hosting that.

If I let the domain expire, that email address won’t work any more. That’s not the end of the world though. If we ever want to use again, we’d have to buy it again (assuming someone else doesn’t pick it up, and they might well).

Does the society still have an ongoing interest in holding It’ll cost about US$10 to renew (last year I just paid it myself), and more if we want to try to get the website hosted again.

Ryan, nzLARPS is about to buy its own webhosting to host all our web-things - Diatribe, the nzLARPS sites etc. If the actual data from the Mordavia site still exists, I’d be happy for us to host that there too. nzLARPS will pay for the Mordavia domain name.

Yes, the data still exists.

Who should I inform how to renew the domain name?

Really? I’m happy to continue providing this for free. I’m not sure what gains there are to be made. I’d hate to see money spent where nothing got better.


Just following up on this. Is there a perception that nzlarps paying the bills will be somehow better? Is there more I can offer? I’m past the days where I had hosting issues bringing things temporarily down… and really don’t want money going where it doesn’t need to!

This is currently not at the top of the list of priorities. After the AGM and when the new committee settles in, the new committee may choose to review of the web assets and resources of the Society.

Personally, I think that piggy-backing off your hosting is fine so long as:

  1. The hosting has everything available that we need and is reliable.

  2. Our main tech person (which I think is Mat at the moment) has complete freedom to administer everything, including installing applications, setting up database, setting up email addresses on the domain, etc.

The process where you handed over to Mat was quite opaque to me, so I’ve got no idea what he’s able to do.

Free is good, so long as it works.

The “” domain has come up for renewal again.

Last year NZLARPS paid for this domain to be renewed (as it has every year since the campaign ended in 2006). However at some point it became detached from where the files are hosted, at So it hasn’t served much purpose for most of the year.

I wanted to let the committees know about the expiration, but I would recommend against NZLARPS renewing the domain again now. It is not clear to me how it would benefit the society. Even if at some future time the society (or anyone else) decided to run another Mordavia campaign, having a domain isn’t a requirement (as Teonn clearly shows).