Module Report - The Running of the Wraiths

[size=150]The Running of the Wraiths[/size]

Our first module of 2008 and a success. It should be noted that there was a smallish turnout and we had just enough players for the game. This is because some people instead of “Running with the Wraiths” decided to attend a lesser sport called ‘Tilting’ or '‘Jousting’ at some place called Taupo, which due an unfortunate timing error on their part, corresponded with our more famous event.

The party had to try a series of lesser events to see who would be the first at the Wraiths. These included capturing a Quickling, Defeatiig a Champion, Finding the Holy Grail and so on. With the exception of a Holy Grail Salesman who decided to rewrite his own script several times the module went well and players discovered how to solve the Grail salesman ‘problem’.

Erwyn, an honest cleric of Phuque, was granted first attempt at the wraith. The contestants, by dint of intelligence and skill, and not being allowed to use magic or magical weapons had to return part of the wraith to the King’s Represenative. Of course as one is well aware, wraiths can only be harmed by magic so the party could do no harm to the wraith whatsoever. Of course the wraith was under no compunctions about not harming the adventurers, one of whom was rendered unconcious at least 3 times during the running.

Our brave and fearless cleric Erwyn was the first to return with a token of fighting the wraith, and because of his bravery and fearlessness, he did not rest on his laurels, rather he entered the fray yet again. Not only was he the first person to succesfully run with the wraith, he was also the second person. And he also did some healing while in the combat. The King is therefore trebly impressed with Erwyn and will see that the cleric is suitably rewarded.

OOC - Small but sufficient turn up. 2 new players whom we hope to see again. No injuries. A good time was had by all. Thanks to those who attended.

[quote=“Jared”]Admittedly I was dubious of this Quest game, a series of challenges in order to win admittance to join the running of the Wraiths, a further challenge in itself.
Well I was wrong, it was hell fun. I test of patience, a test of arms & a test of humour & riddle solving. I was however bamboozled by the following riddle (and it was so OOC): Why was Elton John the only one to preform at Princess Diana’s funeral? Answer: Because he was the only Queen who gave a damn. Yep, I could have throttled you Alista.
And the test givers name: Rumplestiltskin, yep, got that one first guess.
Incidentally that test was copmpleted through arms, as the test giver turned out to be a lying salesman type who took my gold & was cut down by a party member in a stealthy manner not worthy of mention (even though it was effective).
Without a blow by blow, all entrants were granted permission to run with the Wraith & my alias for the night, Erwyn, an honest cleric of Phuque (said Fook) & lover of fine wine won the day, snatching 2 ribbons from the wraiths belt & suffering only minor scratches.
The remaining entrants scrabbled for second place.
It was a great opportunity for everyone to play both in character & also as crew in the same night & served as a very good introductory game for 2 new players who turned up on the night.
Thanks all who turned up, I’m sure we’ll see more dynamic games like this in the future of Quest.

Sorry about the riddle, I was under time pressure and I had just MCed the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This is my first game for some time and it was a great one. We all played party and Monsters (I was the shifty Samurai)

The Adventurers gathered at the Cenotaph at Memorial Park to undertake a variety of quests given by His Higness the King of Hamiltonia.

A motley group assembled. A Bacchanalian Priest, A mercenary Warrior, A few shifty fellows, a Priest of Tarapathis and a lone wizard.

Their individual quests were accepted and they all left on their merry way to find fame and fortune. The first Party to leave consisted of the Bacchanalian Priest, The Mercenary and a shifty Samurai.

The Kings Champion was wandering the land accepting challenges. The Mercenary had been given the task of accepting single combat. They soon found the Champion and set up camp. The Challenge begun. The Mercenary soon had the upperhand when a Quickling appeared. The Shifty Samurai who’s quest it was to slay a quickling moved in to intercept the creature.

The Quickling summoned arcane powers and Threw an Area affect slow? spell at the party. The Shifty Samurai had been watching too many Matirx movies, sumersaulted/rolled and fell out of the way. He chased the quickling. He cut it down while dodging spells thrown in his direction by the fleeing Quickling. Completing his quest he returned to the fight he had just left.

The Champion by this time had been defeated. The Bacchus priest had been given the task of Finding the Holy Grail. All agreed on helping one another. They went back to the King to get more tasks. The King gave the Mercenary the task of helping with the Grail. The Kings Champion had been sent out again and the Samurai was tasked with beating it in single combat.

The Party set out in search of the Grail. The Grail Priest was found and had a story of being attacked by a Quickling. He had riddles that the priest and Mercenary were trying to solve in exchange for information about the Grail. The Kings Champion appeared again and The Samurai accepted a fight to single combat. They both fought valiently Katana vs Greatsword eventually taking each other out with simultaneous disemboweling shots. The Bacchus Priest Healed them both back to health and togather they limped back to the king.

The Samurai was given another quest to help in the Quest for the grail. They found the priest again who was more salesman than priest. The Priest gave them a task to get help with the final riddle “Why was Elton John the only singer at Princess Di’s Funeral?” Slay the Quickling and chop off his arm so he could eat it. It had to be roasted and with no fire mage or cooking utensils a difficult proposition. The quickling Lurking in the shadows attacked again and was cut down by the priest and the Mercenary.
Now they had the arm but no fire. The Shifty Samurai remembered there was a floating barge with a kitchen just down the track (Waipa Delta). He went to it and got the chef to do a special order of Roast Quickling arm with Capers, Mushrooms and pepper sauce. MMMM

The Priest accepted but went back on his word. one final task. Get some water for him. Finding a fresh spring the Priest drunk his fill but went back on his word again. Eventually he bought the Holy Grail out from under his robes and offered it for some money. The Bacchus Priest bought out a Mithral piece and the Grail Priest Accepted.

The Bacchus priest said “If you lie it is on your life” The money changed hands. The Grail Priest went to turn saying “I never said when it would hand it over”. The Shifty Samurai. who had been waiting in the Shadows took the agreement literally and cut the Priest down stiking him fairly in the vital spots from behind three times. The priest Expired.

They returned to the King ready for more adventures.

At this point the other Party Left (The original party becoming Monsters)

FYI: Bacchus for reference is one of Phuque’s many guises the one she wears when feeling like getting a bit tipsy