Module Report - 30th March 2008

The third Module for the year. A small but valient turn out. Greetings to our visitors from ovet the shores.

The King, in all her infinte wisdom, had two requests of the party;
Stop the invasion of bugbears and
To help perform an experimental magic ritual set forth by mages guild in an effort to help stamp out evil in the realm.

Unfortunately for the brave adventurers it turns out that the person in charge of the bugbears was an illusionist by the name of Garrack. During the night the party had to fight hordes of Bugbears both real and imaginary. Part way through this our brave adventurers from another realm were called away on other business from the King. Thankfully the KIng supplied a replacement fighter.

Even so it was a close run thing. The Adventurers confronted the Illusionist Garrack, defeated his minions and almost captured him. Damned Teleport spells. At the end of this there was only one party member standing and even they were bloodied and near total exhaustion.

A good nights adventuring. I expect the King will be calling for adventurers again soon. Same bat time, same bat channel.

Photo to follow?

It is amazing how much fun it can be to play the role of an illusionary bugbear. And to mix it about with being a real(ish) bugbear. I died a lot as a bugbear. And got stabbed & hacked a lot as an illusion “once more just to be sure it’s an illusion” was the call.

I hope our new players Martin & Viktoria had fun for the time they had with us & weren’t too confused by visions of bugbears.

I think however Alista, with summer fading that the start times for the monthly games may need to be somewhat earlier, say 5.30pm?

And Orklanders, if you can spare a late sunday evening, you’d be more than welcome to come join in.


we had a lot of fun and like the “not too serious”-game idea!

But now, we want a copy of the pictures and next time we will stay to the end.


I too want a copy of the pictures.

Erin !!!

I will email the pic to Alista. probably best to see him for a copy as I don’t visit here much.