Module Report - 24th February 2008

Once again the forces of darkness moved upon the face of Hamiltionia. Once again the King, in her infinite wisdom, had to send out a call for brave adventurers to deal with it.

It was a dark and stormy night. No really it was. Well, once the sun went down it was dark. And there was a lot of wind and a bit of rain. Ok maybe stormy is pushing it a little. Howabout, it was a dark and unpleasant night? There was evil afoot. Bugbears were seen running about the land. There was the demon Cointreau also seen in the realm and into this cauldron was thrown a group of brave, foolish and hardy adventurers. I mean three mages and an archer, come off it, where were the meat shields?

This party was charged with repelling the demon and also guarding a few holy and sacred sites. The Holy and sacred sites were all plundered in fairly quick time by a large group of marauding bugbears who wanted them for their own evil ends.

In the end the party and bugbears joioned forces and snotted the demon royally.

Our second succesful module this year. Yay, the good guys.