Module - 30th March 2008

[size=150]The King Wants You!!![/size]

[size=200]500GP Reward[/size]

Once again the forces of evil are rampant in the realms of Hamiltonia and your services are required in ridding our realm of evil. Humanoid monsters are warring with the locals. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to get rid of this threat.

Where : Memorial Park, Memorial Drive - Hamilton
When : 7pm, 30th March 2008
Cost : $4

P.s. this thread will self destruct in five seconds

I’ll be there…

I think we will be there too… - but have to discuss it with Viktoria later.

Two points:
We can’t get our weapons with us, because our bags are to small, is it possible to lend some for this day?

Is there a special meeting point, on the street or in the park?

You can borrow weapons, although they might only be boffers, I’ll bring what I have extra however. Also if you turn up a bit early then we can go through the rules & character stuff beforehand. We meet at the cenotaph at the park.
There is a selection of costuming which is available too, mostly robes & tabards but we’re not costume police so don’t worry too much.

The Cenotaph is the big pointy concrete thing. It also doubles as a war memorial. very easy to see from the road.

Okay, then we will be at the Cenotaph 20 minutes earlier.

We bring our own costumes with us, so we don’t need any.

Awesome, see you there :smiley: