Module - 27th Jan 2008

[size=150]What : Evening Module
Where : The Cenotaph, Memorial Park, Memorial Drive, HAMILTON.
When : 6pm, Sunday 27th January
Why : Because the King wants you
Cost : Just give us some money, $4 (We want to upgrade the stock like you told us to.)[/size]


The King wants you.[/size]

The king is grading his loyal adventurers with a series of tests this Sunday. Be warned these gradings have been known to make brave adventurers end up standing in the middle of a large patch of yellow snow.

Those adventurers deemed worthy are also invited to join in in the ‘Running of the Wraiths’. This is a very dangerous activity designed to show what yours are made of.

Happy hunting. You will need it.

See you this sunday the 27th Jan

A grading? So a trial or challenge then. Interesting.

I’ll be there for at least some of it. Count me in as crew as I may have to leave at any time, damn being oncall… which I just happen to be on the last week of every month… so making monthly modules may be an issue.
Hopefully I’ll have a new job before long so hopefully it’s not an issue for too long.

Don’t forget people, theres a game on tonight.
Come along if you dare!

Admittedly I was dubious of this Quest game, a series of challenges in order to win admittance to join the running of the Wraiths, a further challenge in itself.
Well I was wrong, it was hell fun. I test of patience, a test of arms & a test of humour & riddle solving. I was however bamboozled by the following riddle (and it was so OOC): Why was Elton John the only one to preform at Princess Diana’s funeral? Answer: Because he was the only Queen who gave a damn. Yep, I could have throttled you Alista.
And the test givers name: Rumplestiltskin, yep, got that one first guess.
Incidentally that test was copmpleted through arms, as the test giver turned out to be a lying salesman type who took my gold & was cut down by a party member in a stealthy manner not worthy of mention (even though it was effective).
Without a blow by blow, all entrants were granted permission to run with the Wraith & my alias for the night, Erwyn, an honest cleric of Phuque (said Fook) & lover of fine wine won the day, snatching 2 ribbons from the wraiths belt & suffering only minor scratches.
The remaining entrants scrabbled for second place.
It was a great opportunity for everyone to play both in character & also as crew in the same night & served as a very good introductory game for 2 new players who turned up on the night.
Thanks all who turned up, I’m sure we’ll see more dynamic games like this in the future of Quest.