Module 24th March 2007

It is that time again

Brave Adventurers Wanted
Once a gain the King of Hamiltonia has the need of brave souls in part of the Kingdom’s pest management strategy.
No experience required. High mortality rate possible. Reward negotiable.

Yes, once again it is module time. Provisional details below

When : Saturday 6pm 24th March
Where : Hamilton gardens, gate 2, Car park 2
Cost : $5 (We have to build up the costume chest as has been noted.)
Who : You. All players welcome. Drop us a line if you can make it, thanks.

As always, I will be there.

Bother. The guest reply was me. Didn’t notice I was not logged in. :blush: Sorry. I blame Monday-itis.

There shall be no more guest posting.

Ayesha has spoken.

Alista, send me a short descriptor for this forum to go on the index page.

I suggest that it would be good to include the address in that forum description.

Who out of orcland’s many brave adventurers are going down to the game this sat


Heath and Me.

Alas! I shant go this weekend. Which reminds me, I need to get you my character sheet from last game :S

I also.

does that mean you can make it or cannot? The last previous reply was ‘cannot’.

Just trying to get an idea of numbers.

Also attention all players: sorry for the delay in starting the last game. We will try to get this one going on time. To assist this, if people are in transit, please try to let someone know if you will be late. I always have my cellphone (required for work), so drop me a txt - PM me to get my number.
Alternately txt someone else who you already know should be at the site.



I shall also be comming down to play/ :smiley:

Gozmog #62, lowly Ork become Urik Hai!
Hear my story silly humans!
My late iden-tical cousins Gozmogs #43-61 all told me of a horrible creature stalking the orkses in our lands.
That is before I found their horridibly man-galised and chewed corpses with necks ripped out and hearts taken. Nasty nasty.
Lucky thing what Orkses breed so fast! Anyways as we Orkses searched the land for 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 things what start with for magical com-pon-ents and a human bit, like hair so we could be made into Urik Hai by secret boss man.
Urik Hai stronger and faster and more power-full like, like Orkses but even bettererer, but we weren’t sup-posed to say that.
Any-ways we be searching wit all da smartest ork bruvva’s (who what can put on their own boots on the right feet and tie their own laces) for the magical com-pon-ents and we was being attacked by ho-rribly black crea-ture. All my cousin (all dead) said that our blades no hurt big black monsta!
It did what eat them all.
We call it the Ork-killer!
Any-ways we keep looking for magical com-pon-ents to be big strong Urik Hai & looksie looksie some silly Hu-man’s come walking in da lands, we think what good luck, we need der bits, what like der hair.
One of dem was wot trying to be sneaky like & got thumped by da bruvva’s & we took his hairs! He was as smart as Ork me thinks! All alone in Ork place. But den da black thing what kill lots of Orkses. Dat sad.
Funny it was, Ork-killer always around dem silly hu-mans.
After lots of bruvvas & cousins be killed some brave Orkses like me got da magical com-pon-ents & stole some silly hu-man hair & da boss made us into mighty Urik Hai.
Den we went to go stomp Ork-killer! We go be Ork-killer-killers!
But even den we had our Urik butts handed to us by Ork-killer. So we gang up and beat one wat good but seaky sneaky there was 2 of dem & once again Urik got butts licked.
So even more go back to kill what kill us but they big black thing come back from dead no matter how much we kill dem!
Anways silly hu-mans say dem things Wraifs & find place what they come back from & take glory kill away from us!
Still now that Ork-killers dead we Urik Hai now free to take over silly
hu-man lands but I not say that, winkie winkie or I stick my blade in your guts!
We start by taking over Inn, drink all da booze and say to innkeep to bugga off in a week.
Look out we coming to get ya,
Gozmog #62

To summarise, another relatively successful Quest game completed.
All groups except the horrid Ork-killers achieving game success.
Park size became an issue in the later stages. Low light conditions really made for some atmosphere though! Like the Ork-killer suddenly materialising from 10m away from the deep shadows.
Anyone keep a track of the death count as Orks? I lost count at 10…
My throat is still sore from running screaming in Ork-ish terror.
Oh and green face paint is a bitch to remove.
Thanks again to all the Orklanders who came down to yet another game: David, Alexcia and Ange its a pleasure to Quest with you once again.
Thanks also to AJ aka Dr Varterton for playing the more than slightly creepy Catholic priest-esque boss man with a thing for choir-orkboys. Creepy.


Yes… A very interesting game indeed, once we all worked out what was going on… :astonished:

May I just quietly muse a muse (told me originally from a lovely birdie) that it’s a highly odd idea to go tagging Orcs at night?

Never mind. After feeling the overwhelming stress of the burdens of Leadership, I’m sure Shiori has a few character developments to come, mostly involving less thoughts about Seppuku and more about Magic points, and finding out random things about being an Elemental Air Shugenja that I didn’t know previously… Is it true that there is an option of Lightening or Air elemental, for example? Jared mentioned something about it while we were off collecting the uncollected treasure bag, and I wondered if it was still relevant.

Still, as usual, a pleasure to join you all for mayhem and chaos.

It sounds like you had a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

Things you never really expected to hear from the party’s cleric: “we have to save those poor orcs!”

One thing I have noticed over that last 2 games, is that our newer players seem to be a bit intimidated by being pushed into a leadership role. I think I will talk to Alista about republishing an old article called “How to Make your Rank Count, a Guide to Party Leadership”. Hopefully we can have this available for perusal at the next module, which is 1/2 written already (I imagine Alista will start a new thread on this soon).

In the Quest system, the highest ranked player is always the party leader if you don’t want to lead, don’t buy rank. If there are multiple candidates (e.g. 3 knights in the party) then the most experienced character will lead. remember in game discussions are only Minor/Major/Master/Exceptional - never level 1, 2, 3 etc. If you are the leader, but are unsure how to proceed, you can always nominate an advisor / captain.

As always, great to see so many players making the trek from Auckland.

[size=150]Module Report[/size]

Thanks to all the brave adventurers tha came from Orc Land to help with our little problem.

With a little help from the brave party, the orcs were totally succesful in achieving all of their objectives. They have managed to create and army of Urakai which are even now raping the sheep and stealing the peasants in the lands of the Hill’s rest. We expect that we will have to deal with them at some later date. The evil mage Cinnamen leads his victorious armies into adjoining realms as we speak .

The party helped destroy several very nasty wraiths that were inhabiting the area and were helping keep the orc numbers down. Through these valient efforts they have achieved fame with the king of Hamiltonia.

I hope veryone had a great time and see you at the next one.

Is there an electronic copy of the rules available?

I’d like to cut and paste a civilian only reference doc. Cut out must of the adventurer specific rules, and make it a booklet for easy reference.


Sorry but the only online rules available are
I believe David (Wulfen) has a copy and I think there may be another copy of 4th edition rules floating around Orkland somewhere.
Check those out otherwise a full copy is available at $10 plus postage, contact Alista or Erin (Telpe) for rules of course.