Minutes of Auckland Committee meeting 7 3 16


NZLARPS Auckland Committee meeting minutes 7 / 3 / 16
Meeting starts 19:25

In attendance: Mike Curtis, Prema Cottingham, Walter Hamer, Dave Luxton
Apologies: Beth Strom, Claire Stone

Acceptance of previous minutes
Deferred, as they are not up yet

Matters arising online
Letter from Anna about the Train Will Whistle One Last Time and Masquerade on Fleet Street.
Motion to accept The Train Will Whistle One Last Time as a project
Motion to accept Masquerade on Fleet Street as affiliate
Reduced fee of Masquerade on Fleet Stree as if it is for one person less

  • Reason, not using weapons and only one person over the threshold
    All motions proposed by Dave online, seconded by Mike online
    All motions separately voted on and accepted unanimously at the meeting.

New Gear Fee categories
Dave suggests to change gear categories up to the round number, e.g. up to 40 and then from 41-60.
Proposed by Dave, seconded by Walter
Unanimous vote

Action point: Mike to update online documents and let people know we have changed this

Gear shed

Action point: Mike to sort out boxes.

Have got new boxes for the shed, and have tidied up the shed.
Mike: suggests we need to extend shelf space above door and in far corner from the door for light things only, i.e. not boxes
Dave: needs warning sign.
Mike: wants to also set up system to tick what was taken out whenever people do.

Claire messages that she can’t make it, but has the official seal, a couple of NZLARPs gear boxes, and the NZLARPs printer (not used much anymore, ink is very expensive).
Walter: suggests we get a printing card for a store.
Walter propose motion to sell printer for $1 reserve on trademe, pickup only.
Mike: do we have a use plan for it?
Dave: small portable inkjet might have a use.
Mike: shall we ask the community?
Prema: I don’t think we need a printer, can just go to warehouse stationary.
Prema seconds motion to sell printer

Unanimous vote to sell printer.

Dave has contacted Claire about selling on trademe, Mike offered to sell it if she can’t. Claire says she can sell it on trademe.
Mike: if we can’t sell it, shall we send it to ewaste?
Dave: we can apply for the next inorganic collection.
Claire says she can drop the gear off at Mikes house this weekend.

Treasurer report
Dryspell payments:
Walter: payments have been sorted out for previous game, but receipts have not arrived yet. Have also go bill for venue for current game, payment has been made for that now. Other costs have not come in yet.
Trailer maintenance and bins costs have been paid for Mike, and receipts received.

Gear report
Dryspell gear to be cleaned, Russel talked to Mike about sorting that.

Action point: Mike to put together budget for new shelves.

When it comes time, they will need about 4 people to install.
Mike: Gear rationalisation after shelving, perhaps in May.
Dave: if we do the gear rationalisation on a Sunday I’m happy to help.

Marketing report
Prema: Discussion with various marketing regional directors about business cards. Jared has quote for 4,000 printed cheaply, they keep if they go to whatislarp.co.nz.
Dave: cost would be out of National budget, divided to the regions.
Walter: still have a few cards in the marketing gear.
Prema: I have suggested they could be redesigned. They match the whatislarp website, but we want it to be redesigned eventually anyway.
Mike: we could use people from the community.
Prema: we could have a competition, prize of NZLARP membership for a year. Propose this to National committee.

Action point: Prema to propose to National committee to have a business card design competition for NZLARP membership, or for another prize.

Dave: prize could be a Paddywhack throwing-knife?

Dave: NZLARPs doesn’t have a good prescience with Marketing. Approach games to promote NZLARPs more.
Walter: monthly newsletter?

Action point: Prema make a monthly newsletter, doesn’t have to be pretty. Also load newsletter onto facebook group.

Prema: we used to have a picture saying ‘project of NZLARPs,’ to put on project material.
Mike: we can offer projects some text to use, i.e. they don’t have to come up with words themselves.
Dave: Rowena has said she has created a facebook page for NZLARPs, but it has not been published. Prema: Chimera has a facebook page, but it doesn’t get much traffic, instead they have a facebook group. I think keeping our facebook group would be much more successful for us because we are a group not a business. But I suggest we update the picture on it.
Dave: we should probably do announcements of what is coming up.
Prema: yes, that should go hand-in-hand with a monthly newsletter.

Correspondence from Patrick
Prema: received a message from Patrick asking Prema to move Chimera. Prema declined, as she already moved the event around the venue (which is very booked), booked and paid for the venue, and done this in coordination with Medusa. Patrick suggested a different time (December, which Patrick had originally suggested Crucible for), and Prema again declined as this is too late in the year and moving a large event is untenable. Patrick then advertised his original time for Crucible.

Prema: Chimera budget in the works, will be online before the next meeting, which we can discuss online or at the next meeting. We have two flagships, one rerun from Wellington and one new game. Rowena is heading up the team for the new flagship. I have also put out a call for games. Looking like having a support team of Sophie and Serena, and possibly Beth and James. Also confirmed with Michelle for catering, Judit for website, and Mike for software.

Past LARP events
Dryspell, seemed a successful event even despite the (minimal) weather.
Crucible day game, the celebration of magic.
Moonbright, postponed due to weather worries (which did not come to fruition). Will be rescheduled for April. Also, not double billing with Dryspell seems better.

Future games

Moonbright, looking for 10th of April for the reschedule.

The train will whistle one last time on May 7th.

Masquerade on Fleet Street, in July.

Crucible player run events coming up, one on the 19th of March, Harrowfield on 23rd of April, festival of aether 14th may, plus 4 date to be advised games.

Meeting ends 20:49