Minutes for Auckland Regional 2nd May


Mike, Dave, Prema, Walter, Beth
Apologies: None

Budget for WTI: Approved

Action points from last meeting:

  • Dave to ask about printer
  • Business cards have been given to Anna Northey - Prema to organize getting them
  • Cards cost $103.50 for 2000 cards - Walter will pay to national (AP)

Financial Report:

  • WTI venue amount will be paid asap
  • Payments from: WTI ,
  • Train will Whistle (Anna doing a drive to get payments up)
  • Moonbright (online payments recorded, cash to be added)

Gear Report:

  • Gear put away after Moonbright
  • Prema has key
  • Gear is in dire need of rationalisation. Mike: Plan is to extend the storage and then rationalise, probably on a Sunday after lunch.
  • Mike to make shelves: Budget of $200. AP to come up with a date.Get stickers for naming boxes.

Marketing Report:

  • Events?
  • Aethercon
  • Librarycon , last year was badly organised and not a lot of traffic through.
  • Armagedon 21st- 24th October. Beth to talk to Patrick about Crucible going.
  • Posters for: Musketeers, Saga and Chimera (A3). Beth to ask about costs.


  • Sent in application to be a project. Evil laughing. Questions about ‘love’ from us. Walter can provide lust.
  • Accepted as a project (cheering ensues)
  • Budget accepted. Dave will notify them.
    Event 0 Ferndale house (day game)
    Event 1 Huia (weekend game)
  • Successful playtest


  • A success!

Upcoming LARPS:

  • Train will Whistle
  • Dead Zealand
  • WTI
  • Masquerade on Fleet St
  • Musketeers

Meeting End: 8:25pm