Minutes 16th January 2017

Opening: 7:40pm

Minutes from previous meeting read.
Move to accept. Motion passes.

Previous business:

  • Marketing survey: 56 responses in total
  • Trailer: Work to be done in March.
  • Community Safety Meeting: still need to find a hall/decide on a date.

Upcoming projects:

  • 5 games planned for the summer series - 3 have been cancelled.
  • Larpers not wanting to commit to one offs?
  • Issues over Summer…
  • Doesn’t correspond with answers to the survey
  • Alistair planning to write a second survey to address the question of ‘what’s not your thing?’


  • Reuben’s printer rundown: $80 for printer. $60 toner cartridges 1000 pages. Laser. No scanning, only black and white.
  • Vote on purchase when it’s on special: Motion passes,no abstains.
  • 8c per page proposed for use from community.
  • Continue checking specials and purchase when able.

Walter - Financials:
- Musketeers payment: most have come through. $400 or so to go and then they are finished. They have sent through a forecast for the next game - about $500 margin. Walter wants to rework the sheet because they have put players on discounts. Trailing the ticketing system for payments. Tigger has already paid some money for the venue and would like to be reimbursed. Margin may drop once budget has been reworked. Walter moves that we approve it. Rowena second. All vote to pass.

Chimera: Walter hasn’t yet got a budget for Chimera this year however the venue has already been paid for out of Prema’s own money. $1881 has been paid. Rowena moves to pay Prema. Alastair seconds. All vote to pass, Walter abstains.


  • Tournament of the Roses: Budget is tight. 40 people to break even. Walter concerned about the money going into a private account.
  • NZLARPS gear - fantasy set dressing and swords.
  • The plan is to turn it into a campaign in the future.
  • Alistair movea to accept the budget. Seconded by Walter. All vote to pass, Rowena abstain.

Saga: setting should be released at some point.

Marketing: Community Welfare …maybe in March? Sunday afternoon.


  • Issues about it not being user friendly. Hard to learn to use. Not easy for newbies.
    *Confusing to find things and look for things.
    *Not getting as many people as Facebook is easier.
  • People unable to log in and never go back. Backstage posts have become easily viewable.
  • Alastair will create a post on Diatribe where we can discuss and email a link.

Meeting closed at 8:55pm.

This was a migration issue, not a software issue. @Anna_K helped out by locking down the topics she knew were meant to be backstage, I did a few more, but we don’t have all the context of the last decade of forum posts so its actually pretty hard to tell (especially prior to the phpbb upgrade, where the schema was different). Please let me know if there are others that need to be locked.

Once topics are correctly secured it’s actually more difficult to view backstage posts than it was with phpbb (for some silly reason google used to index the backstage - so you could read almost anything via a google cache if you were driven to do so).

We do have some login help notes pinned to the front of the site, do we need more?