Memory tools for larps


Seen on Facebook: Ensemble, a memory tool for larps:

Yes, its basicly a character database, with an option to print a nice little booklet or flashcards. And it costs money, which only high-budget games can afford. But its interesting that they think that people fumbling to remember names and relationships is a big enough problem that GMs would be interested in this (and that players would be motivated enough to do their pre-larp homework to remember it all).


I guess for those big theatre-style residential weekends set in a castle or old English country houses like they do there’s more payoff to the players for doing a lot of homework before Game In.


Honestly? I still don’t think that a majority of players would do their homework.

Would be interesting to know a few examples that actually use this tool. And what they think about it.


There’s a short list and some comments from organisers at the bottom of the page.

But I agree: it relies on players actually doing the work to remember everything. And that’s probably too much to expect.