Mel's Purge of Stuff


I’m moving house, and taking the time before I move to get rid of a lot of the stuff which I’ve had hanging around for a while but don’t really use. I figure some of you guys might like some of it - it’s all free to a good home. Ideally you’d come take it away, but I’m willing to drop off in the Wellington Region. Most of it is in OK condition and just surplus to requirements.

So far the purge pile includes:

A bunch of crochet blankets in bright colours.
A double duvet
Single heated blanket
A large chest. Blue. A bit damaged - I wouldn’t use it for moving things around, but great for storage or a coffee table. (For those who remember, it is the box we put Sessils in).
A PS2 and a substantial pile of assorted games and a few controllers (as far as we know it works, but haven’t checked).
A Sega console of some kind, again, as far as we know it works.
A tonne of books.

I’ll expand the list as we move around the house finding things we don’t want. I’m expecting that some of my costumes and crafting supplies will end up on the purge pile too. If you want anything, message me.


I’ve started on the craft end of the house. Thus far the things I want to give away include:

A frankly irresponsible amount of craft cottons in a HUGE variety of colours. Some pieces are quite small (good for bunting etc) others are large enough for costuming. Good weight for petticoats and great for doing test-runs before you move onto more expensive fabrics. Adequate for lining, but not quite slippery enough.

A bunch of costumes, including a bunch of fairy costumes in childrens sizes (why did I take those??) and a steam-punk space-suit.

Some blue guns from an old lazer-tag game. We got rid of the sensors ages ago and we’ve never seen anything like them anywhere else.


Some “wool” batting. This I’m prepared to ship around the country for the cost of shipping, but if someone comes to my house to take it all away I’m just as happy :smiley: