Medusa Larp Convention

It’s early days yet but the decision has been made to make an attempt on Hamilton’s own larp convention for Mid November / early December 2014.

The plan so far is to start small and grow, I have a venue in mind, so sit tight and see what comes next!

Details here and on facebook

Feel free to post interest and ideas for games here until I get a proper thread established. There is also the official email address

Love your logo. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make the Facebook page visible to those who don’t have a Facebook account please?

As a first time convention I am not planning on running huge numbers of games, in reality maybe 3 games per round. Have a look at my thoughts on the timetable and post comment, either here or directly on the document.

We’re looking to use the Hardy Training Centre - a girl guide hall (Hungerford Crescent, Hamilton) as our venue, while relatively small gives a huge amount of space AND lies right beside the Hamilton Gardens which themselves could be used as game spaces. The picture is labelled to show approx game spaces and the number corresponds to the people each space can cater to.
Game space Capacity
1 Main hall 20
2 Window room 10
3 Side room 10
4 Fire Pit 10
5 Near field 100
6 Far field 150
7 Far far field 150
8 Pond 20
9 Carpark A -
10 Carpark B -

Link to pic

[quote=“Catnip”]Is it possible to make the Facebook page visible to those who don’t have a Facebook account please?

[color=#FF0000][Moderator Jared] Certainly. See above link.[/color][/quote]

The link takes me to a page asking me to log in to Facebook

Dammit. It’s a group not a page, so I think this is the issue.

Its a common problem with Facebook - Crucible has it as well. And it makes that platform very, very bad for advertising (as opposed to contacting people you already know)

I’m creating a page as well. It needs support before I can make it into it’s own facebook website however.

Also, a nzlarps hosted website will be looked at soon.

This is the Facebook PAGE for Medusa

Our website placeholder is live

Medusa 2016 details here

and FB page

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