Making My First LARP - Anyone a willing To Help?

Basically - I’m making my first LARP, and it’s a sort of like a murder mystery/ghost LARP. I’ve never done anything like this before, and while I’ve been to a few LARPs in the past, I’m still not exactly a pro at it yet.

My biggest question is - would anyone (perferably in the Auckland area, though I won’t reject any help) care to help out? I’ve got the characters (mostly) sorted out, and I’m in the middle of writing certain plots/sub-plots now. If anyone would like to help, it really appreciate it. :33<

Just to give a little more info, here’s the basic idea (I may rewrite/change some of it sometime before its finished)

A simple hike in the woods takes a sinister turn as a group of acquaintances find themselves trapped in a haunted hotel. Now they have until morning to find out the secrets that lie within and break the curse, or they will be trapped forever.

Not in Auckland, so can’t help, but I assume this is a 3-hour theatre-style game?

If you could read over what I have, and give me pointers, I’d be just as greatful.

And about 2-4 hours (depending) yes… But what’s a theatre style game?

[quote=“NoArtisticLimitation”]If you could read over what I have, and give me pointers, I’d be just as greatful.

And about 2-4 hours (depending) yes… But what’s a theatre style game?[/quote] … atre-style

The sort of larp with pre-generated characters and plots. It usually, but not always, uses abstract combat resolution. There’s a bunch of links on how to write one here:

I assume you’ve played one at Chimera?

Not at Chimera, but I have played a few:

  • Reunion
  • The Black Heart Of Camelot
    As well as a few others I can’t remember the names of (a Robin Hood one, one about Germs, and one where um… I can’t explain without spoilers, but let’s just say people died, everyone had a secret, and I was in the first offical game)

I RP semi-regularly, and my friends and I used to LARP before we even knew that was a thing (playing pretend) but other than that, my experience is pretty limited, and my LARP-making experience is zilch. (Being a writer helps, however)

And yes, then that is what I’m making. Including the NPC/GM character (because so far, I can’t seem to find a way to fit them in without making it boring for the LARPer) I have about 15-16 characters all up. (I didn’t want to make it too difficult or big on my first try) there’s pretty much 2 groups, but two of characters (NPC included) fit in neither group fully (it makes sense when you see why)

Currently, I’m trying to work out character sheets (so far, so good) but I’m more used to working on character sheets for my OCs I write for, so I’m not exactly sure what I need. As for relationships, I have a few sorted out, but not everyone has a relationship with another character yet… Well aside from the two leaders.

Sounds like you’re familiar with the format (and hey, I’ve played three of those games :slight_smile:

Character sheets should have who they are, why they’re there, what they care about and what they hope to achieve (even if it is only “get out of this alive”). If the characters know each other - the case in most larps, but not always a given - they should have some views on each other, unless you’re workshopping it (not usual in NZ, but probably suitable for some games, especially in “real world” setting games.

And that said, there are lots of different ways to do it. If you’re looking for examples, try reading some of the games here: (note: in many cases this will involve spoilers, so be careful).

I know, I saw your resume. Reunion will always have a special place in my heart (cos of the thing that happened at the end, and it was someone I cared about, plus it was my first)

As for character sheets - I was trying to remember what my character sheets had as references, so I’ve had the basic idea. (It worked as well because they’re mostly old OCs) and many already had pre-existing relationships. Some didn’t, and some don’t want to, but due to the fact they’re all working to achieve the same goal, they have to work together.

Thanks for the examples - I’ll read them later, and be mindful of the spoilers. :smiley:

You’re also excellently timed for signing up for games for Chimera 2015, which gives you the opportunity to play up to 6 more theatre style games, which is always an great source of inspiration and ideas, including on things like placing of the game and logistics. I’d love to help myself, sounds like an awesome project, but am swamped with uni.