Lost Property

If you have lost any gear, for instance jerseys, jackets, Wolf Ears, or a waist coat, please let me know. I have a bunch of stuff at my place.

If anyone knows where the big pack of Toilet paper went, or a pillow with a light brown/tan pillow case, can you also let me know as well please.

It’s not ‘lost’, per se, but Zara, did you still have the white bowtie I lent you for Kirby High?

Is there a black women’s jacket, about waist length, with 2 rows of buttons on the front?

Yeah that is here. (well I think it’s the one you mean)

Ooh, I am crewing for Witch House so would one of the Wellingtonians who’s coming up for that have room to bring it for me please?

I’m playing so I can bring it for you. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks! See you there.

Is there a plastic bag there with a camping towel and a pair of black high heels?


So, I wandered away from Hydra with a knee-length charcoal grey woolen overcoat. It’s a Stuart Lord label, size large, with three large black buttons up the front.

And then mine, identical but two sizes smaller, turned up in the lost property. So now I have mine, and someone else’s, which is eerie, to say the least. Does the larger one belong to anybody?

Was thinking about this. Maybe Paul Wilson’s?

And people I still have a lot of lost property. And looking for a pillow with a tan pillow case.