Lost and found 2013

I have lost a Indian headdress that has feathers all over (Used in game 1 fall of the jaguar gods) it was left in room 2 I left and forgot to bring it with me.


A silly thing, really, but I lost one of the champagne flutes I won as a prize, leaving me with 5 instead of 6. Did that end up going back into the kitchen or anything? I heard Kirsten was trying to find the owner of the glass! (I feel like Cinderella a bit, now!)

I left my gloves in the room at the end of No Quarter on Sunday; am not fussed about getting them back (they only cost $3 and I have no particular lasting use for them), so if someone ended up with them, congrats - you got new gloves!

Jackie, it was definitely on the lost and found table, I’ll check the boxes in the garage.

Stephen, what colour were your gloves?

I’ve split this year’s lost and found into this new topic.

It had previously been added to last year’s lost and found, but that was confusing.


Jackie, I found your champagne glass. It’s at my house.

Stuart, I found your feather head dress. It’s at my house.

When would you guys like to come collect them?

Thank you, Anna.

I think I’ll be in your neck of the woods Weds PM, so could pick it up then if that’s OK. Happy for you to leave it in a letterbox/on the porch if you’re not sure when you’ll be home. (I’m not sure what time I’d be down there but will let you know!

Here is the list of lost property that ended up at my house:

Dark blue velvet hooded cloak with blue lining
Brown crochet scarf
1m of brown fake fur
Soft brown leather glove (men’s)
1 black left glove
Black drawstring velvet pouch
Green wool peasant hat (Robin Hood style)
Specsaver glasses case (no glasses)
Nylon sunglasses drawstring pouch
Gold FAB facepaint
Wooden mortar (no pestle)
White tin bowl with blue rim
Wooden cutting board (small)
Blue ceramic mug
Heavily dented pewter mug
Plain pewter goblet
Buckle-less black leather belt
Pair of black size 11 women’s ballet-slipper style shoes with flowery lining
Black velvetine hooded cloak, unlined
Black pashmina shawl
Black trackpants, size XL
Green towel
Multicoloured towel with piano design
Pillow with blue pillowcase with sunflowers
Larpsafe throwing dagger

Stephen I have your gloves. They were thrown in my car with all the NQ stuff.

I found the bundle of big tent pegs & the tent post hanger, that were used in the War Camp guide tents (according to Derek). They are at my place.

left my heater in room 14, its a blow heater with a pig sticker on it.

also ended up with someone’s black jacket, likely harriet or lulu’s from room 14.

lost Hat pin with olive glass beads and gold roses and Big gold ring used as a clasp for my cloak in Rose and Dragon if any one finds them i would really appreciate their return


Hi everyone,
I lost a red Chimera 2012 T-shirt size XL that I won saturday night. There is a chance someone accidentaly packed it in.
I was staying in room 7.

Thank you for your help!

I somehow managed to drop David’s larp safe dagger that he lent me during the flagship. Has anyone picked this up by mistake? :blush:

i am still looking for the chimera 2012 shirt and it may be that stupid me accidently packed it in the sleeping bag i borrowed from someone. if the person i borrowed the sleeping bag from reads this, can they check please if it is inside or if someone knows who i borrowed it from, it was during the first mustering, please tell me so i can pm them.
thank you so much for the great time with you guys.

That was Anna Northey’s sleeping bag you borrowed - I’ve sent her a pm :slight_smile:

I’ve lost a wax seal. It was lent to Hamish in his flagship character envelope, but I forgot ask him to return it to me.

It looks like a rounded wooden stamp handle, with a metal part on the bottom that you press into hot wax to make a symbol.

I’ve got it, Ryan :slight_smile: It was found during the final clean up, and I stuck it in my pocket, and forgot about it. But it’s safe and sound!

Lovely, thanks Anna. If I can grab it at the Teonn weekend game that would be great.