Looking for Media players for The Galaxy Will Burn Megagame


I am looking for Media players for my Megagame at Kapcon 2018. Media players have a roleplaying focused role that plays a major part in shaping the evolving game narrative. Where other players are focused on the mechanical tasks of playing a board game role of an Admiral or Governor, or the political role of a faction leader at the Imperial Capital, the Media players are free to wander between the maps, observing the game, but also interacting as information couriers or spies for the other players. During the diplomacy phase of the game, media players can trigger scandals that pin blame for misdeeds to the factions, and get a minute of spotlight time to tell all of the players what the true state of the Galaxy is. In tone the media players will vary from impartial BBC style fourth estate, to subversive Russia Today, and barking at the moon crazy Faux News.

Draft rules are here: https://housewar.org/The-Galaxy-Will-Burn.php

Blogposts on the game game can be found at: https://texarkana23.wordpress.com/

Registration is at the kapcon website. I am also more than willing to see experienced LARP players take on other roles in the game, and anyone interested in playtesting or helping to Control the game should contact me at: grand.vizier@gmail.com.