Looking For: GM's Little Helper; space for one more player

Hey there.

So the good news is that my co-GM the Exquisite Stephanie is almost certainly going to be out of hospital tomorrow (touch wood). The bad news is we’re not sure how much health and vigour she’s gonna have come the weekend, and I’m feeling kind of poorly myself. (Influenza is a mocker.)

The upshot being, there’s definitely going to be a game of Break Room 3-Basilisk Green run on Saturday morning, but the addition of an able-bodied helper would help us be more confident of its excellence.

It might just be running a few errands while Steph wraps up warm in a chair; it might be running the entire Crew section while I field the main room. In any case, if you have Saturday morning free and are interested, please PM or e-mail us.


We also have a spot free for another Player, the part of Rogo - a little cute, a little monstrous. If you’re interested, that is…