Looking for a game to run in Dunedin

Hey folks,

I’m looking for a fairly lighthearted, reasonably simple-to-run game for between 20-25 people for the fourth convention being held mid-Sep in Dunedin.

We have already run Happy Birthday RJ, Boffo’s Birthday Bash, Murder and Matchmaking, and A Dead Man’s Chest. Something along those lines would be pretty great. I was thinking of Tesla’s Wedding but there’s a lot of setup in that game and I’ll be handing the actual game running off to someone else (tbd) as I can’t make it.

Any ideas?

An Ecumenical Matter is a pretty easy game to run.

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Yeah I was looking at that - it might be a touch small though (really looking for at least 20)

Midsummer Mischief? Its Wodehouse, and 4 hours.

Hadn’t heard of that one; got a link/blurb? 4 hours might be a touch long, but it’s probably ok

Edit: Found it; it says it requires 3 GM’s to run, is that right?

Here: http://uk-freeforms.wikidot.com/midsummer-mischief

If you want less light-hearted, the cyberpunk-Shakespeare game Marlowe 2020 is available again through LarpLibrary, and it taks 24: http://library.interactiveliterature.org/brands/kirt-dankmyer-and-jon-lemich/projects/52-marlowe-2020

That’s the game, but I’ve never run it (or read it properly, because I hope to play it one day). So you’d be doing the experiment.

Huh that (Marlowe 2020) looks interesting. Might run that one myself next year :slight_smile:

From a review I found: “but the three referees in Midsummer Mischief were worked off their feet and served admirably” - I’m not even sure who will be running the game at this stage; and it does look hilarious from what I’ve seen of it, but I think it’s too long and a bit complicated, unfortunately.

Update: We’re running Tesla’s Wedding :slight_smile: Should be great!