Londinium Rising - tickets now availible


Welcome to Skintgate! Honourable Sirrahs and dishonourable knaves alike have attended the dramatic start to the festival known as the “Groundling’s Feast” in which the notables of Skintgate have announced their very own Monarch.

Queenie Mackarel’s “crowning” is to happen at the monastery of Saint Dismas, after everyone’s had a few drinks and done some business. Not everyone’s happy with Queenie’s ascendancy (second year running) but any bad feeling can be either smoothed over or taken out back and for the feast Mistress Kraye has waived the usual “disposal” fee for getting rid of people who’ve made a bit too merry.

The Groundling’s Feast is widely regarded as the start of the Skintgate year: many inhabitants find themselves making resolutions.

Everyone has grudges to settle. Or fortunes to make. Or true loves to find. Or skills to master. Or plays to write and perform. And so on.

So ask yourself, dearest friend: What can I achieve in a year?

Game structure:

The game will run for about 8 hours. This does allow, however, for players and crew to enter and leave the game as they wish. There is no “meta plot” that anyone will miss out on.

There will be time after game start where no plot will be run to let people get into character. Plot will also cease about half an hour before official game end to let people wind down.

Dinner - stew and snacks - will be provided by the people of Saint Dismas (inclusive of ticket price). And there will be other food for sale (available for IC purchase) but buyer beware. You may also bring your own food.

This game is rated 18+. Because we are a NZLARPS project, you must follow the NZLARPS code of conduct.

There are currently 20 player spaces and 10 crew spaces at this games.

A note about character submission:

To restate:

  1. Submitting a character sheet does not mean you will get a player spot. Player spots are a) first reserved for those who filled out the expression of interest before the 14th of October and b ) confirmed when you pay for your ticket.
  2. Please read the General Expectations document.
  3. Your character sheet does not need to be insanely detailed. I’m well aware there are a few different larps coming up, so people’s energies will be directed elsewhere. The last date for this round of submissions will be the first week of January pending player spaces. For the sake of GM sanity, however, please - as soon as possible.
  4. The GMs reserve the right to refuse anyone a place in the game for whatever reason. We do not have to give you the specific reason why. You will be refunded your ticket if you have bought one.


Welfare is very important in this game, given the darker themes of the game. Due to the size of the game, we cannot guarantee that you can avoid these themes altogether. You will, obviously, be able to leave a scene that makes you uncomfortable. Welfare and OOC boundaries are like allergies: you have responsibility to let people know what they are so you can keep yourself safe and the person/people have the peace of mind to know they haven’t accidentally fed you the welfare equivalent of a peanut butter sandwich.
These are the welfare rules Londinium Rising is using:

Time out: Hands make the “T” symbol. This is used to stop a scene for whatever reason: anyone involved feels the need to leave the scene for welfare reasons, whether physical or emotional.
The “OK” symbol. If there are dark themes being explored and everyone is happy to continue the scene, make the “OK” gesture and the scene will continue.
“Fade to black”. If at any point a scene’s subject matter becomes too intense for someone involved they may call for a fade to black. When a fade to black is called the scene should stop and those involved should discuss what happens. A fade to black cannot be called during combat or to save a character from dying. This mechanism is very rarely used and is only in place for scenes like torture, advance interrogation, IC intimacy. Please do not abuse this rule. (Taken directly from: https://spitelarp.com/wp/player-information/rules-and-policies

If you have welfare issues during the game, please find Brooklynne, who is the GM in charge of welfare. She has training in both mental and physical first aid.

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