Londinium Rising: So what are people wanting to play?

The obvious question: what do people want to go for?

I haven’t made up my mind yet. There’s obvious potential in a coneycatcher actor (but where do you find fat coneys in Skintgate), or a purveyor of seditious / heretical pamphlets, or a disgraced astrologer who cast the wrong fortune, or some sort of low church rabble-rouser (since it seems a shame to avoid that important theme). Or, as a fallback, I could just go for some petty thief who hopes one day to be Upright.

Which of those do people want to see me try? What are other people thinking about?

I think I might have been the first to get a character sheet in, but my idea is quite simple: A wastrel poet writing sordid, sensual verse and ducking responsiblity.

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I saw your thing on Facebook, and it looked fantastic - perfectly on genre.

Another easy fallback is a beggar. Any of the characters from Down and out in Middenburg would do, and there’s plenty of actual Tudor books and pamphlets about “sturdy beggars” to provide concepts. Bonus points if you actually use their tricks :slight_smile:

(Dammit. Now I want to be legless and in a cart with a small dog - Lulubelle has never done a campaign. But a) props and b) stairs. And the latter would be irritating enough for a crutch as well).

If anyone wants inspiration:

I’m thinking of playing the widow of a merchant executed for treason who has had to take a job as a servant due to all the family’s money being confiscated

I’m going for a mad cackling gutter witch. May or may not be an actual witch, definitely cackles a lot and will threaten to hex your organmeats.


Lee, that sounds hilarious! :rofl:

Side note: I don’t seem to be able to find a date or a venue for this. Am I just being daft or is all of that TBD?

Sorry Reanna, I haven’t put it up on Diatribe yet! Will do so when I get the budget confirmed.


YES YES but what charcater are you playing :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you be interested in having an Aunt who was a formerly respectable merchant and tried (unsuccessfully) to keep you on the straight and narrow?


Yes, very much the yes. If you could give me an email, I’ll share my character sheet document with you, then you can see who your nephew is. it does mean that you will be directly or indirectly related to a minor Clergy of the High Church (my father), who helped arrange my being thrown out of home with scandal over my head.


Another character idea: totally legitimate traders.

So, I have decided: I’ll be playing Ned Gammon, a hireling actor and petty con-man. So if anyone is an actor, or the sort of criminal who is likely to be involved in such work (e.g. another con-artist, or someone who plays the muscle for the badger game), then please get in touch.


Would Ned have come to Marcellus for playscript? As much as he is a wastrel, even wastrels need money for food and rent, so a easy commission of a play on whatever mass appealing topic required would be accepted. I suspect Marcellus to hang on the fringes of crime, without being a criminal himself.

Unlikely - as a hireling actor, he’s very much not in the play-commissioning class. Though being a fellow wastrel would provide an easy connection.

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:smiley: They go to the same pub…