Live Role Play Extravaganza May 11,12,13


Due to several injuries and illness amongst players, this event has to be postponed until further notice.


Alista Fow

Quest Waikato, in association with one of the Orkland Groups is organising a 3 day Live Role Play event in the 2nd weekend of May. This is provisional and all details are to be confirmed.

Hear yea, here yea!
The Emperor of Orcland, Hamiltonia, Well in Ton, The christs church and all Realms of the world known as Zealandia are hereby gathered together to prove themselves by feats of magic and combat. The winner of these bouts to be acknowledged as the greatest in all the known realms of the flat earth of Zealandia

When; Friday, Saturday, Sunday May 11, 12, 13.
Where ; Paeroa way.
Cost ; $60.
What ; Live Role Plays , a Feast and such like. Quest game and possibly Masquerade.

Rules will be Quest Lite. For an idea of these look at AD&D 1st edition. These should be avilable on the net soon.
Masquerade rules will use the middle ages amendment.

Also wanted are speakers. If you want to hold a seminar on Live Role Play let us know. Also dealers liscences will be available if you want to sell real products, is cotume, armour and props. If you are interested on putting on a demonstration during Saturday, let us know.

If you are interested in attending please send me a message. If anyone wants to put on an immersive game during this event please contact us.

Which one of the “Orcland” groups is this in association with?

The Quest Con is being held in conjunction with the group called
’The League of Extraordinary Adventurers’, or LEXA for short. This is a group of mainly Auckland based players. We understand various members have run their own Live Role Plays before, but they are not limited to one system.

They are not currently running their own fantasy campaign so for our event we will supply the fantasy LRP and they will supply the Masquerade side.