Linking Diatribe and NZLARPS

Do we want to have some sort of obvious link between Diatribe and NZLARPS?

I think we used to have a “Project of NZLARPS” icon at the bottom of very page on Diatribe, which linked to It probably disappeared when we upgraded from phpBB 2.0 to 3.0. Do we want to just put this back in place?

Note that the icon we have for that is kinda crappy looking:

So we might want to make a better version of that image, maybe a PNG with decent alpha transparency so it doesn’t look so pixelated. It would be nice to update the “Affiliate of NZLARPS” image. Some people are linking to the images on their websites, so it would be best to keep them the same size.

We could also consider alternative ways of providing a link and demonstrating the relationship. For example we could put text saying “project of NZLARPS” in the Diatribe header, with a link to the website. Or is that too in-your-face?

We could also consider bringing out data from the NZLARPS database (like upcoming events) onto Diatribe. This is technically possible I think because NZLARPS and Diatribe use the same database, but I’m not sure where the best place to display a list of events on Diatribe would be.