[Link] 19 Truths about Harassment, Missing Stairs, and Safety in Larp Communities

Just before Knutepunkt this year, US larper Maury Brown gave a talk on “harassment, missing stairs, and community safety”. While video of the talk isn’t up (slides are here), its now turned into an article on NordicLarp:

Its great advice for players and GMs, but note that it assumes that “larp organisers” are acting in a purely private capacity and subject to US law. As a matter of law, incorporated societies in NZ have strong duties of natural justice, and the advice it gives in e.g. #12 while perfectly fine for a GM or project organiser would be unlawful if followed by NZLARPS.


It’s a really good article and I encourage everyone to read it.

I agree with the legal differences relevant to #12, that particular advice is not relevant here.

And I hope that if we do encounter a #18 then we have the strength of community to deal with it appropriately.

Of related interest: a piece on Game Management and Addressing Toxic Behavior. Again, its from a US GM perspective.

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Further related interest: Safety Coordinators for Communities: Why, What, and How. This is a bit unfocused, caught between safe design for individual events (mechanics, debriefing, off-game spaces etc) and the wide issue of community safety. But still useful stuff to think about.

Also of interest: the Finns have just released Safer larping: A package of materials to combat and prevent harassment. It looks quite good, and is worth reading.

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