Lines and veils

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As noted in the rules document, we will be using a system of lines and veils to control content and ensure participant safety. A few people have included lines or veils in their emailed character material. If you’d like to add some, please email You can also post below

A line is a hard content limit, somewhere we do not want to go in play. When you approach a line, do not cross it, and consider backing off. Its easier not to write about these things at all.

So far our lines are:

  • sexual violence
  • domestic violence
  • torture
  • cannibalism
  • child abuse

A veil is a soft limit, something we’re happy to say happens, but we don’t want to go into the details of. When you approach a veil, fade to black. Lovecraft used a lot of veils in his stories, so its entirely in-genre!

So far our veils are:

  • physical violence
  • sexual content
  • violence to children

Again, if you want to add to this list, please email

Not being a Kiwi I’ve actually got a topic I’d like some guidance on.

Given the year is the one of the financial crash that started the great depression, and given that my character is a journalist that makes a living reporting on the rich and famous, the topic of suicide will eventually come up. I have no problems discussing this but I know it’s totally taboo in the media.

I’d like to get a bit of an overview about what the other players’ feelings are so I know how far I can go.


I don’t think this is something there’s a blanket ban on in the LARP community here (also suicide is a very Lovecraftian trope). However, it would make sense to check with the specific players that you are corresponding with.

I wouldn’t have a problem with it, personally, because of the source material and style we’re drawing from. I think making it a general line or veil is probably not the best for telling stories in this genre, but if people have specific problems with it, I’m happy to avoid it in my writing.

I would think that for this particular genre and tone, it’s probably not necessary to 100% ban it, but that it’s also best to check with individuals- People might also have specific methods/circumstances of suicide that they don’t want to read about.

Fair enough. Just for clarification, I wouldn’t go into the full gory details anyway. But I may mention how they died and what effect it had on those that saw it unless someone stops me beforehand. (Yes this is an invitation to speak up here if the need arises. :slight_smile: )

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It is strictly against the law in NZ to say “so-and-so died from suicide” about a real person in the media. One of the reasons for this is because well-publicised suicides are RELIABLY followed by a spike in the suicide rate. Instead the papers say something along the lines of “found dead in their home, and the police are not looking into any other people in relation to this death”, and hope for the best.

There are no rules about portrayal of suicide in fiction, I think anywhere, except the ratings systems. (However, I suspect this may come up for discussion, in light of the absolutely staggering increase in the US suicide rate after “13 Reasons Why” was released.)

So I think that in material which we share publicly, for example on this forum, we should err very very hard on the side of discretion and subtlety. If it’s going directly into people’s email or letterboxes, then check in with the person getting the material, but in general I’d say “No gory details unless specifically requested”.