I fired off a pile of free leather down to Hamilton about a year ago. Has anything been made from this?

I’ve just had inquiries about leather armour from an Hamiltonian larper and I was thinking it’d be cool if he could just grab some of the leather I already sent down because:

  1. I only have a finite amount of leather and I hate seeing it be wasted by just sitting there.
  2. I’m too lazy to post some more…

Does anyone know where this leather is?

I still have this. Jared has my contact details.
I am happy if Jared wants to come and take responsibility for it as I would also much rather it was being used than taking up space in my spare room.

actually, come to think of it I might have already passed it all to Jared - if he hasnt got it he can email me whenever. I might be another year or 2 before I look in here again…

Ahh nope, I sure as hell never got it. :imp:

This has been sorted as per e-mail below. Jared is meant to be phoning me to arrange at me for pick-up.
So rest assured Derek, it has not been lost and it will be used for LRPing (yay!). I even still have the bracer pattern you sent with it!

Sent: Saturday, 2 May 2009 09:03
To: Jared Hansen; alista; Anna Klein; Alista Fow
Subject: RE: Leather from Derek

Ok, I have found all that I have left of this (at least if it is not the stuff from Derek you can have it for LRP anyway). I know someone came and took all the softer stuff and I distinctly remember them searching through the heavy stuff for a length suitable for a belt. I thought it was Jared, but maybe it was Dave or someone - it wasn’t Alista.
Any how, I have found some; it is heavy-weight stuff suitable for making armour - bracers greaves etc, I suggest shaping and then hardening as per many tutorials you can find.
Anyway, Jared if you want it, I am more than happy for you to come and get it. Look me up in the phone book under my own name if you no longer have my phone number, and call to arrange a time.
(note: I do not generally monitor this email address over the weekend).

Oh yeah, I’ve just been slack… I’ve been meaning to call… Thanks Erin :smiley:

OMFG starts to knaw on table i need leather to make my bracers and greaves!
starts to have spasims need… leather… :open_mouth:

[quote=“lochielarp”]OMFG starts to knaw on table i need leather to make my bracers and greaves!
starts to have spasims need… leather… :open_mouth:[/quote]


We can make you some bracers Lochie

no i is fine i can make dem myself, new expere… dam cant spell…

yes except I have pieces of heavy leather for the job…

:open_mouth: o…m…g… rly!
shoot im so noob…
o wel that would be fantastic jared!