Lazarus Heresy

What IS the Lazarus Heresy?

  • The essence of the Lazarus Heresy is this: when the “original body” of a homunculus dies, the soul of that person departs the body and goes to its judgement. The newly created homunculus then gains a new soul, that of an angel, one sent down from heaven to fight demons and regain earth for the righteous.

It is not known exactly how this belief started, though probably it would have begun with some of the ‘older’ homunculi and the belief has spread. The angels themselves (according to belief) may be drawn from Judeo-Christian writings, or simply be nameless. While the heresy’s origins are obscure, whispers of two possible leaders have emerged. “Michael”, of course, being the chief Archangel who is a prince over the other angels and the leader of God’s army. Jophiel, named for the angel who drove Adam and Eve from the garden of eden, agitates for homunculi to leave the “corrupt” humans behind.

The only other three “angelic homunculi” known to be in existence are #14 “Raphael”, the healer, #32, “Uriel” the watcher, and #7 “Gabriel” who is most likely the originator of the ‘heresy’ as the oldest.

Does this mean that “Lazarus Heretics” hate humans?

-No. At best, Lazarus Heretics see themselves as protectors of humanity, as the archangels were. At worst, there are splinter factions who are profoundly indifferent to humans, but will not actively seek to harm them. Besides, many Lazarus Heretics were themselves humans.

Why did this come about?

  • As part of the process of “creating” a homunculus, their donor body is subject to high levels of aetheric energy. This causes hallucinatory “echos” similar to the ones the homunculus has from their original human donor body. The foundation of the heresy - plus exposure to Judeo-Christian literature - is the formation of the ideas of the heresy.

Why is this only being talked about now?

-Knowledge of the Lazarus Heresy was kept from the civilian population, as it was feared that this will strengthen antipathy toward the Homunculi. However, since the leader of the heresy, Dr. Catherine De Winter, has recently died, and many of the separatist heretics are seeking reconciliation.

Your local homunculi will be happy to answer any further questions.