Late night exercises for Red Letter Day?

Greetings and Salutations!

Which of our lovely players and crew would be interested in participating late night plot? I’m thinking something along the scale of a kidnapping or a small raid starting around midnight. Some fighting, plot and some trauma - whats the point otherwise, right? Probably higher trauma quotient than some of the day-time stuff.
Probably Saturday night, on account of not wanting to spoil the wedding and the Queens Birthday for people due to lack of sleep.


Sorry Mel I’ll rather just relax in character after what is sure to be a tumultuous day :smiley:

I wouldn’t really know until the day. It would depend on whether i was feeling tuckered out or hyper by that point, and it could go either way

Wait, you’re giving them notice? Me, I would have just sprung it on them and made the drunkards deal with it :wink:

That would be dangerous. Drunkenness and larp weaponry don’t mix.

I’m down!

C’mon guys, I can’t be the only one with no respect for my body’s need for sleep.

I totally understand that people are going to be wiped out. Which is why I’m seeing if people are interested before I through too much effort into organising anything.

How about if we make ribbons available on the Saturday - if you’re keen, tie one to your costume and stay sober enough to hit Idiot safely. If you become unkeen, or too drunk, take it off again. If you’re not sure, but want to have a nap and see how you go, tie the ribbon on and have a nap in a common area.

When midnight rolls around, we’ll see how many white-ribboners we have and decide whether or not to run the plot. Opting out on the spot when the plot arrives is allowed but, unless you’ve been napping, will be considered bad form.

If before the game begins, your sure you’re going to want to be involved, let us know and as a bonus we’ll make sure your turn in the kitchen is at a time that suits you. is totally not bribing the players

There isn’t anything remotely fun about being forced into these kinds of things, so we wont plan it unless enough people are keen.

Ribbons. Why does it have to be ribbons? This is going to go badly for me, I can just feel it. :smiley:

Sure. I’m always up for kidnapping and trauma!

Yeah, sure, count me in.

I love you Sophie!

Ok, I made a completely random post on the “rules” post above. This was before I saw this post.
Now I feel bad for making such comments, as I have no idea on whats happening at the game.

Alternatively, you could just keep throwing stuff at us till we hit 12. I don’t really like ‘scheduled’ events and the only reason people drink a whole bunch is because they’re not otherwise occupied/relaxing. If I knew there was a possibility that something might happen in the wee hours (like a real possibility) then I wouldn’t necessarily drink.

But on the flipside if’ we were left sitting and doing other IC stuff on our own for around for 2 or 3 hours leading up to the event, then some drinking will likely be occurring.

I think you’d just be better off continuing to throw plot at us throughout the evening rather then saving some especially for the wee small hours.

That’s excellent feedback Nick, thanks :smiley:

I like the sound of this better.

I like the sound of this better.[/quote]
I also think this sound like “LOTS” of fun