Last-minute *things*

Hi all, I’ve got three remaining projects to work on, and I was wondering if I could get some help with them from various sources. If there’s something I can help you with in return, please let me know.

  1. I’m short a pair of black dressy shoes for the wedding/ball. I was thinking about buying some, but I also want to avoid buying a new pair of shoes and then traipsing them through Brookfields. If someone could loan, I promise to dry them out and polish them up before returning them. I’m a size 10.

  2. I’m pasting together maps for the taverna (which I will try and get to one of the taverna preparers at dance practice on Wednesday evening). I’m looking for PVA glue, because the only adhesive in my house currently is superglue, and you can’t water that down… I tried. If anyone at Steph’s crafting thing can bring some along I’ll be much obliged.

  3. I’ve been tasked with the playlist for the ball, which is almost done, but I overlooked the crucial fact that I don’t have an iPod. Burning a CD or two might be an option, if someone wants to bring along the CD player we used last time, otherwise I’m happy to hand this off to someone more technical-minded than I am.

I’ve packed the CD player we used last time so that will be in the Taverna and you could grab it.

Are you heading to the crafting tomorrow? If so I can bring some PVA glue.

My long-suffering male-creature is willing to donate his PVA glue to the cause, Bryn, so there’ll be some at my house that Russ can use.

Russ, bring whatever music you have for the ball and we can stick it on my iPod like we discussed- You can also rifle through my music collection, if you like.

I can bring some Black shoes for you Russ - Size 10, I think the sole is a lil worn, but will bring them anyway.
They are slip on, so hopefully that is ok.

We haven’t confirmed the type of input the speakers we’re bringing need yet. I’m happy for the CD player to be used, but I suspect it wont produce enough noise to be heard over the scre- Dancing. Fletcher Hall is quite a bit bigger than the Taverna, and for the one CD player to make it to the other end (over the stomping of boots and conversation) it’s going to have to be unpleasantly loud close to it.
Also I have PVA here and you’re welcome to stop by and grab it.

I have speakers with an iPod dock, let me know if they’d be useful?

I have an all purpose glue, let me know if this can help.