Larps I will never write

Because there’s always more good (?) ideas than there is time, and sometimes an idea isn’t actually good, just funny. So, here’s today’s one:

Jane Austen was born on December 16,1775. Robert Chambers died on December 16, 1933. A common date! Crossover!

But which Austen novel would you use as a base? Pretty obviously, it has to be Mansfield Park. It even has a group of people staging a play, which is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a very unwelcome guest. Who is not wearing a mask! Though surely there’s something that alliterates better than Masque & Masquerade

So, anyone else got a larp they will never write which they need to get out of their head so they can move on to something else?

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I will never write the end of the Innsmouth Papers.

:frowning: sadly it seems like simply giving up writing is the usual end of letter larps (there’s some discussion on The Gauntlet about this as a known failure mode)