Larps for airports

Random thought from my trip to Phoenix: when travelling to games, we often end up spending dead time waiting (in airports or McDonalds or whereever). Wouldn’t it be nice to have some small, short, non-intrusive larps to fill in the time?

Obvious requirements for such a game: it should be conversation-based, so you can e.g. do it across a cafe table. It should be non-intrusive, to avoid upsetting bystanders. It should avoid the sort of subject matter which gets you arrested in airports or thrown out of cafes. Any others?

And base don this, there’s a couple of immediate options. One is Paracelsus’ Ars Longa, two wizards arguing about who is going to fight their mentor. The other is Eva Schiffer’s Unit Test, a one-hour Asimovian robot game for three people. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to try one of them next year…

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