LARP at Wellycon 2024

If anyone is attending Wellycon, there will be a LARP! It is titled ‘Intro to LARP’ but new and experienced players welcome.

A Wolf by Any Other Name

You are all students at New World Magischola, a wizard college. For various reasons you have found yourself in detention on the night of the full moon. Some of the students are secretly lycans, hiding their condition in order to attend the college. If they don’t collect the ingredients they need to create the Romulus Lunar Shield potion before moonrise, their transformation into a beast will out their condition and endanger everyone else. They could get hurt or killed, hurt or kill a friend, or worse…be expelled.

You are all stuck in detention together. Will you protect, assist or betray a friend? An enemy?

A Wolf by Any Other Name is a fantasy live action role-playing game (LARP) for 6-24 players, the players play pre-generated characters and the game is expected to last for approximately 2 hours.