Larp and the mass-gathering rules

The government has just announced new mass-gathering rules banning indoor events of more than 100 people.

Most of our larps at present are under this size, and many happen in a mixed environment (though we’re all usually in the same space at once to eat). But in their press conference, the Health Minister said that if people are in doubt, they should cancel.

Most large immediate upcoming events have already been cancelled - Saga has pushed till November, Exile till April 2021.


Official Ministry of Health guidance:

Regardless of event size, they want people to practice physical distancing: being at least 1m away from each other (and only be closer for less than 15 minutes).


Also, good news for those who have booked travel on Air New Zealand: they’re now offering free changes or to hold credit for 12 months on any domestic booking. There’s an entry in their FAQ on it:

I have to travel within New Zealand and don’t want to travel, can I have a refund?

You can make one change to your existing booking and we’ll waive the change fee and service fee, however fare difference may apply. Normal refund rules apply. Alternatively, we can hold your fare in credit for 12 months from the day you cancel your booking.

And you can do it just by entering your booking reference and name here. (I’m less sure about the process for reclaiming your credit, since it may require going through their call centre rather than being able to be used online. But that’s a problem for 6 months to a year from now)

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