Known Cyphers of Duskwood

Sufrant alphabet

Firstly, the Sufrant alphabet. It is important to note that this is read from left to right, then right to left, in a continuous “S” shape. We feel they may have chosen this way as once proficient in its reading, a small amount of time is saved.

Dragon Cultist

The dragon cultist used various different cyphers, including a straight alphabet substitution. Let me know if you would like to see the words he wrote. The alphabet cypher was exactly 5 letters to the right, so “a” started at “f”. The others are below.

I didn’t even see these ciphers in game!
Do we have a good record of the runes with mulitple meanings? I tried to get a good copy whenever one went past me but I’m sure I missed some

Yeah, these were the puzzle solving cyphers. The top one is the Sufrant alphabet. There’s another thread with the Glyphs. Take a look around. :slight_smile:

Wait. We completely misidentified which cypher was used by the new dragon cultist. And its right there next to the previous letter. This makes much more sense. head desk