Kiwianis Map - suggestions and corrections please

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Hi guys,

One of the most useful resources we have in Wellington is the excellent map that Russ put together of Brookfeilds Scout Camp, which I have reused for different things about a half dozen times since it stopped being Hanover Camp. I’m not good at maps, but I needed one for Chimera planning so had a go at it.

You’re all welcome to use it, take a copy, whatever.

If I have misremembered significant details, please remind me of the correct answer.

What else should I put on it? I figure specifying the toilet block vs the bunkhouses would be handy, but I’m not sure what.


The one @musicforwolves made, is it available online anywhere?


I have it in my gdrive, not super comfortable sharing it out in the big wide world without his say-so though, but I can flick you a copy


I’m happy to share it! Here’s the bigger version, for all your A2 printing needs. I’ve been meaning to ask someone with a bit of free time to erase the 33AR-specific stuff, but never got around to doing that. I also hear some new tracks have been created at Brookfields, so I may be making a new map sometime in the future.

(I may have inadvertently made the link impossible to copy - let me know if so)