KapCon 2020: Small larp signup is open

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Numbers updated 13 January 2020

Registration for small larps at kapCon 2020 is now open. We don’t have very many this year, so space is limited (of course if you want to offer one, you can submit it via the usual form). Here’s what we’ve got:

Note that Hypoxia takes up two rounds, with a one-round workshop followed by one round of game. You will need to sign up for both to play.

We currently do not have a game for round 7, but there is potential for a re-run of either Star of Bethlem or Toil & Trouble or both if they are oversubscribed and no-one else volunteers anything.

If you’d like to register for any of these, please email me on kapcon@gmail.com. As with tabletops, I’ll be running a “shark week” with random allocation if there is too much demand, after which it is first come, first served. If you are a GM, you can beat the system by exercising a GM pick (so GM a game, people :slight_smile:

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We’ve just added Anna’s amazing It Ain’t Easy Being Gilled, a high school larp about being teenagers in Innsmouth. I’ve played this game at Phoenix, and it is a rollicking ball of fun. Signups by email as usual.

Updated the numbers again. Sign up if you want the last few spots.