KapCon 2020: Call for small larps

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KapCon is Wellington’s annual rpg convention. This year we are not offering a flagship, but we are seeking small larps to run as part of the normal gaming stream.

Our game-spaces are school classrooms. While they can fit 20 people for a larp, it gets a bit crowded, so 12 or less is probably a better number. We can offer more space in round 4 (the old flagship round), since there are usually people who skip the evening. So if there’s a couple of people wanting to run 20-player games in that slot, we can probably make it work.

We can access the NZLARPS Wellington gear library for set dressing, there’s not a lot of time between games to set dress and pack up, so low-prop games probably work better. We can take signups for your game if it requires costume of pre-casting.

We would like to run at least one small larp per round, so that’s 7 games. If you have something you think works, then please fill out the form here: http://kapcon.org.nz/?q=gamereg [requires login]

No flagship?!

:frowning: I’m not angry. Just disappointed…

I’m disappointed as well. But flagships need writers and GMs and if no-one is willing to do that, we can’t have them.

(And no, I can’t do it. I can’t both herd GMs and manage a flagship at the same event).

Heh. I’m not asking you to do that as well!

I’m mostly sad because I really enjoyed last year’s. A lot.

So far KapCon 2020 ha the following larps:

They’re all small, so at present there’ll be between 6 and 8 slots per session. If people want to see more larp, then be the change you want to see in the world, and run something! If you’re looking for stuff to run, I have JUGGERNAUT, WINTERHORN. Arsenic & Lies and Seat Five just sitting here waiting for a GM to pick them up (all these allow the facilitator to play BTW). And I understand the GoD room will have a copy of Tomb Priestesses of the Nameless Dead available if someone wants to step up to facilitate.