KapCon 2019: Registrations are open

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KapCon 2018 is open for registration. If you’d like to attend, please fill out the form here:


Early-round games and small larps can be viewed here: http://kapcon.org.nz/?q=games28

Small larps on offer include:

We’ll be doing signups for those shortly.

This year’s flagship larp is “The storm”, a Sandman-inspired larp by @Inveighed. You can sign up for it here: https://goo.gl/forms/HbPoOiA0m8Xplr8n2

As usual, we’ll be doing this “shark week” style, with games allocated on preferences after a week. So there’s no need to rush the form in a giant gaming frenzy.

We’re still after games, so if you’d like to run something, please fill out the form here: http://kapcon.org.nz/?q=gamereg

The structure of KapCon means that on average everyone needs to run a game, so please do your bit.

If you’ve forgotten your username or are having trouble logging in, please email kapcon@gmail.com.


Signups for small larps are now open here: https://goo.gl/forms/3wIlfzS7WJLe3L393


Quentin is planning to cast the flagship larp this week. If you’d like an actual character choice, rather than being slotted whereever fits, sign up here:


Signups close December 31.