KapCon 2018 needs small larps

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KapCon is Wellington’s annual rpg convention. While it offers primarily tabletop, it has a flgaship larp, and we like to offer small larps in the regular sessions as well. Game should fit in a school classroom and last three hours. While we can access the NZLARPS Wellington gear library for set dressing, there’s not a lot of time between games to set dress and pack up, so low-prop games probably work better. In terms of size, a classroom can fit up to 20 people, but fewer is more comfortable, and smaller games are easier to fill - I recommend 8 - 12 players. We can take signups for your game if it requires costume of pre-casting.

We would like to run at least one small larp per round, so that’s 6 games.

If you have something you think works, then please fill out the form here: http://kapcon.org.nz/?q=gamereg