June 12 2024 Update

Howdy, pardners.

With ticket sales opening up next month we thought it was time for a small update - and a request!

The new GM team is working diligently to learn the lore and storylines of the setting, and discover all the plots that were in play. As you might imagine, there’s a LOT of information to go through! The old GM team is continuing to provide guidance and assistance, as well as some of the key NPCs and behind the scenes stars. We are grateful for their support.

Jackie is flying to Wellington at the end of June for a weekend of plotting, planning and face to face meetings to gather more data and lore - as well as do a site visit to check out the state of the venue! Our hope is that soon after this we’ll have our ‘The story so far’ document polished up to our satisfaction so you can share it with you.

It’s been many years since the last game, so we’re doing our best to not miss things and avoid continuity errors. We can’t promise we’ll get it 100% right, but you can help us by revisiting your character sheet and making sure it’s updated with the key things you did in games one and two. (That’s the request!)

When you buy your ticket you’ll also receive a survey where you’ll have an opportunity to tell us what storylines your character is involved in and what you’re excited to get back into.

We remain super excited to return to Consequence and can’t wait to see everyone all gussied up with their pistols, pencils, and parlour-tricks polished! .

In the meantime, keep up the chatter and banter with each-other and your factions, and reach out to us if you have any questions in the meantime.


Jackie and Regan
Consequence GMs

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