Looking for some female LARP writers for a potential theatreform project for International Women’s Day 2019 (Friday 8 March). Let me know if you’re interested!

We’re planning to run a game as a fundraiser for a female-focused charity (not sure on which charity yet). I’m hoping we can also use this as an opportunity to showcase some female writers in the community! The game itself (or maybe multiple smaller games?) will be for everyone, but it will be a ticketed event with all profits beyond covering venue/food costs going to the chosen charity.

The theme of IWD 2019 is “Balance for Better”, which sounds like a great starting point of a LARP idea.

We’ll be running this in Auckland, but if we get helpers from elsewhere we’d be happy to discuss getting it run in other cities too.

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I take it you’re putting together a team of writers? What sort of parameters do you have in mind for the game (e.g. number of players, run time, etc)

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The number of writers would determine the number of player spaces, but I’m thinking between 25-42 characters.

Run time would be at least three hours, but maybe four or five - depending on interest from the community.

So the first step will be coming up with the framework of the game - putting together the outline of a setting that everyone on the project finds interesting. Each writer (or team of writers) would then be in charge of a family/group/unit in the game, with the choice of collaborating with the writers of other groups to forge character/plot/miscellaneous connections.

For example, I guess it could be set in a post-apocalyptic world where each writer/team has a different small group of survivors they’re responsible for writing, and can play around with their part as much as they want to showcase their own LARP style.

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I’d be potentially interested in writing for this, depending on the topic, workload, and timeframe. It would have to be a remote collaboration for me though and I wouldn’t be able to help run the game

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That’s absolutely fine! It would be fantastic to have you on board.

We’d like to run the game on the 8th of March to line up with IWD, but all writers will be encouraged to only take on workloads they’re comfortable with - If this makes for a smaller game, that’s no problem. I’d rather have a smaller game than make people feel stressed or overworked.

We don’t have a topic yet, but the overall tone we’re aiming for is uplifting fun.

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We’ve realised that March 8 is a little too soon to have an entire game written from scratch, so we’re going to shift that project to 2020 and run something prewritten for 2019.