Is there any live action happening in Dunedin?

As the title says…last thing we heard of LARP here happened last year, in fact it was the first and last thing we had heard! We have proberly a couple o people that would be keen to give LARP a go, using foam weapons could be fun, maybe a change from wooden wasters and steel longswords!


Hi there :slight_smile:

My name is Matt Swain and I’m the NZLARPS representative for Dunedin. There is a new live-action game starting up - in fact character creation begins this Friday at the Clubs and Societies Building on Albany Street. It’s going to be a Changeling: the Lost game, set in 1930’s New York, called Lost in Manhattan. First game is on 3 March, and it will run once every two weeks. It’s being run by a guy named Stuart Stoddart, and has a blog here:

Lost in Manhattan

In addition, I hope to run a few one-off events during the year, which will be advertised on this site here, and also on Facebook (Look for Matt Swain, Dunedin and you’ll find me)

Feel free to pm me here, or mail me at matt_swain (at) if you’d like to know anything else!


Cool so after a quick read through the link you gave, is there any battling with weapons?

There won’t be in this one, I don’t think. It’s up to Stuart obviously but I’d imagine it’ll be using the World of Darkness Mind’s Eye system of drawing cards. I’ll confirm or deny this with Stuart and get back to you.

The one-offs will be things like Dark Hart of Camelot, Diamond Geezers, and so on - which will have live combat in them where they’re designed for it. (Note that I don’t actually know which games will be running yet). The live combat scene in Dunedin currently is very small, although I aim to grow it and make it more common.

I’ll say live combat is small! Theres about 6 of us that practice German Longsword [Liechtenauer tradition] and the Medieval and Renassiance Society with their Rapiers, in terms of European swordsmanship…well I’m keen more on fighting, fighting gobo’s and orks, dead, that sort of thing so I think I’ll have to keep checking back, though if I get spare time I may check out the happenings…

When we run a live combat (foam swords only) game, I’ll send you a pm :slight_smile:

Do you by any chance know Angus Dingwall? I think he’s in the Rapier group. He’ll more than likely be playing in Lost in Manhattan.

Are you looking for fight, fight, fight, eat, fight, fight, or something with a bit more plot?

Yea I know Angus he turns up to Longsword practice at times, should’ve guessed he would be involved haha.
Yeap fight fight fight! :mrgreen:

Hey Till, we won’t be using live-action fighting for Lost In Manhattan (it’s a standard NWoD game), though if you still want to check it out you’re welcome to, the blog has dates for character creation now and once the game starts I’m planning on having one-off NPCs ready to play each night so that anyone who just wants to come along and give it a try can do so. Boffer-style combat isn’t usually as popular in Dunedin, and as it’s not my preferred style I’m not using it for my game, but if someone started one up I’d be willing to play. I think Matt/Viperion had said he might try organising a few one-off larps, so some of them could have live-action combat. It really comes down to someone actually organising it.

Anyway, I’m also head of OURS this year, so if anyone wants to organise something feel free to contact me at the society’s email (

Yep I plan to run some (don’t know how many at this stage) live-action games, including one I plan on writing which has roles for people who only want to hit people :wink: (but I haven’t even started writing that so chances are it’ll be towards the end of the year)