Is there an app for that?

While chatting with people at Hydra, a couple mentioned that they don’t use Diatribe much because they’re mobile-based, and they don’t have an app (and specifically, an app that tells them that they have new notifications like Facebook does). I can see that Discourse has an app in both Android and iOS, though I’m not sure if it does everything people want it too. Wikipedia also says that there’s an unofficial app which allows Discourse boards to make a self-branded app (so people could have a “Diatribe” app on their phones).

I’m not a mobile user, but if someone wants to install one of these, have a play, and tell people how to set them up, that might be good.

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Wow, there totally is! I last looked a couple of years back, when there wasn’t. The iOS one looks good. Installing now.

Replying from the app: It looks like they’ve successfully wrapped the website! I suppose the important thing would be testing if push notifications work

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So by replying or liking something?

So it does in app notifications, but no outside app integration. That’s a pity.

EDIT: it looks like only hosted versions have push notifications. However, if you use other discourse forums, there is a consolidated view of all your notifications across all of them, which is neat.

I assume the unofficial, self-branded one isn’t an easy fix?

That’s essentially getting a real app registered just for Diatribe. I haven’t even bothered to look at that option, but it’s normally a fairly long winded process to get your app in the apple store.

Damn curated and firewalled ecosystems.