Iron Heart larp

Looking forward to 2015… and a new larp for Hamilton.

Set in a dark ages inspired age of Iron, where things till go bump in the night and superstition is rife… and with good reason.

Please have a look at the current documents below, still a work in progress.

Iron Heart

“With iron, we have a thorn for which to prick the nose of the beast who hunts us in the dark!”

Welcome to the Kingdom of Cawanor, part of the Scassian Empire. Here you will find a realm steeped in superstition, a more visceral world not yet tamed.

A land where witches, magic, and bogeymen lurk in the shadows - not just tales to scare young children, not quite tangible, but terrifying none the less; tales terrifying to make even kings tremble in their stone chambers despite their iron armed guards.

And beyond, in the wild places, spirits clamber, slipping between this world and theirs and unnatural beasts yet still crawl in the bowels of the world. Your pappy told you about the old gaffer who went missing that one night full of those fluting howls, only to turn up all mauled by nothing natural, just barely alive, babbling of that great eyed and clawed thing that grabbed him from out of the skies.

But you well know, as sure as your blood runs red, that there is nothing out there that loves the kiss of sharp iron in the gullet, nothing at all. And it is enough for you to hold onto at night and not curl up and cry, when the moon is covered and the stars all hide, that here in your hovel that you can hold fear at bay with the cold spear at your side.

The Iron Heart larp takes place in a land inspired by the history and myth of Europe in darker, frightening and less civilised times, where superstition grips the hearts of highborn and low. It is the time of the rise and fall of Empire’s, when nations came and went, with many lost in dust and ruin.

You take on the persona of one of the marginally braver inhabitants of the world, not necessarily gifted or especially heroic, just one not prepared to go into the darkness without a fight. This could be a soldier of the Empire, a local farmer and his bow, a village sage or the reviled hermit witch who lives nearby in that dank old cave.

Note: Iron Heart larp is a work in progress for Hamilton, New Zealand
We are looking for additional GM’s, artwork, website design
And an intended launch of 2015