Public question for Sophie:
How is gear intended to be tracked between games? Particularly bullets? Does it reset to 20 (40 for militia), or do you have as many bullets as you did at the end of the last game?
Is there any rule on gaining other gear items like medpacks or armour? For example, you can only gain them if you have a convincing downtime story?
Also, particularly for Wanderers, did you decide on whether you were going to revise the gear limit?


Good questions.

My thoughts from the game.

Ammo restrictions didn’t seem to have a massive effect. Assuming you fired a gun you could loot the Raiders and get bullets. You could also get ammo restocked from the gunsmiths fairly easily. I’m not sure how much the trade was in this so I would be interested to hear. It did seem really easy for the smiths to make more bullets though, to the level that I actually thought bullets had little value in the game near the end. At the beginning they were valuable, 10 bullets for a slave was interesting.

I didn’t really get into trade though and I didn’t use 20 ammo either. I emptied one clip, swapped guns and emptied that for a total of 17 but then I only shot bullets in 2 fights. Because I didn’t do any trade I would be really interested to hear how it went. It seemed like a pretty neat roleplaying tool, especially for the blacksmith and trader, but not so useful for the all the doctors and fighters. Like the fighters fought and the doctors healed and the fighters gave med packs to save people and not too many questions were asked.

I mean I think the ammo limit is great so PCs don’t go round shooting each other or even so that they do shoot NPCs without cause, but the fact that only 1 in 5 bullets probably registers a hit and that ammo was fairly easy to acquire in game suggests that the ammo limit maybe isn’t needed. Except of course when we play a game that it more like a raid or adventure. Then an ammo limit at the start seems awesome, but maybe not the 20/40 one because you would know to stock up on ammo before an adventure.

Again this seemed to affect the Wanderers at the start in that they had to think about what they were carrying but so did everyone. I think Trade Goods was a fair 1 item thing, but Med packs wouldn’t have been. 1 med pack is 1 item. By the end of course the wanderers had looted some guns and were all good. I have no problem with this, especially as they are pretty much all my friends. :smiley:

More to the point I don’t entirely see why this affects Wanderers specifically and not all Wandering characters. Seriously how much stuff does an Arc have coming across the country. Why do the couriers get to have more (aside from the fact that most of them seem to have a vehicle of some kind which is cool IMO). I get that Wanderers learn how to live light because they are always moving around, but it also makes sense that they can have what they carry because they know how to carry stuff on their backs. They seem like the versatile ones.

I think Fraser’s question is a great one and obviously it really affects the Wanderers. Do they go back to 4 items at the start of each session? Do bullets also reset? If they don’t how do you track them? I mean I know I’m down one medpack. I have 3 props though. Chances are I’m not going to replenish one in the next 3 days. I don’t think they can be made in town, though I know who it ask if they can be.

And then of course there is the fact that the next game is actually only 3 days later, so inventory, what you lost, what you gained kind of makes more sense than if it was 6 months after the first game and the wanderers are rocking back into town and everyone has had plenty of time to inventory reset. In which case a wanderer is likely back at 4 items because that is what they carry on their back when they leave a place.

And of course will anyone really remember what they had for the next game. Or maybe that is what the update is for. Wanderers you have 800 words to describe everything you picked up and how you will carry it from the last game to the next.

Just one last thought. The clack clack clack of nerf guns was just so amazing. Nerf might not register much of a hit, ammo might be limited, nerf range and accuracy might be junk, but the gun battles were kind of cool. I really really wanted to flip the bar table over though to get some damn cover.


Regarding the restock from the gunsmith - that was only meant to be as long as we had gunpowder - and Sophie forgot to tell us we were out. I would not bank on it being so easy next time. Especially since A )Beryl’s ticked that a few people took it a little too much for granted and B) any gunpowder she still has is from her emergency stash which she is pretending not to have. Prices will skyrocket - and she’s no longer accepting chips.


also when we were doing healing after battles i don’t think we were getting anything in way of payment for supplies that were used, and we are out of supplies by pretty much the first battle, we were jury rigging medic stuff for the second big combat, and i don’t remember seeing anything pass hands, Doc my have a better idea than me


No probably not. How long did it take to restock a bullet. I think I walked past at one time and you were telling someone that they weren’t ready yet.

Regarding chips and sky rocketing prices - in fairness the people wanting bullets were likely defending the town. But yeah if there is no gunpowder left or it’s running low then getting more will be a major priority.

This is a good reason to set the 2nd game close to the first and in the same place. Supply runs to keep the town stocked could be pretty fun.

Yeah I totally gave a medpack free of charge. Why, because I totally thought it was going to be used on someone that I cared about and then it got given to a different doctor and used on someone else because the person I thought it was going to be used on was stable and going to be fine. This was kind of awesome actually, and you were still helping the person I wanted you to so it seemed fair.

As I stated above supply runs to restock Crosspire might be a big thing in the next game. The Mayor has a lot to sort out. :smiley:


Said mayor has multiple work streams going on, resupply is one of them. There’s a heap of outsiders/wanderers who left the first night and will be back before the next game. Consider them told to gather resources for appropriate trading goods or food from the farms. There’s vested interest in helping the town as well, since its a major trading post and its loss would hurt the region.
Would post more and really go into depth on the work streams to help people determine their 800 word activity precis, but said mayor has no internet outside this infernal handheld device with a small data cap… At least til the storm damage is fixed!


[quote=“Jarratt”]Regarding chips and sky rocketing prices - in fairness the people wanting bullets were likely defending the town. But yeah if there is no gunpowder left or it’s running low then getting more will be a major priority.

As I stated above supply runs to restock Crosspire might be a big thing in the next game. The Mayor has a lot to sort out. :smiley:[/quote]

Hey all, this is really great stuff and I feel a bit mean saying this, but I think there’s plenty of scope to create an IC thread discussing the scarce resources, or an OOC thread relating to how we are going to engineer the story towards the most interesting drama in regards to the economy.

The intent for this thread was really just to have a discussion regarding OOC rules regarding inventory and whether we retain stuff we traded for or used during the game, and so on.

On that note, another question for Sophie, daena has raised a good point, if we bring a first aid kit along, are we limited to the actual number of bandages in it, or is it assumed to be infinite and/or restock by the next game? To be honest, I suspect it’s pretty easy going and it’s up to us to make our own fun and drama in regards to it, but I just wanted to check that you don’t have any specific plans on it all.


Agreed Fraser, my intent was to have posted a work stream list IC for pcs to use as a basis for activity. Sadly real life and storms have intervened. Will strive to do by next week.


Theres a confirmed time of 3 days between end of last game & begining of next right?

I suggest someone starts an IC thread based at the inn/tavern or perhaps the mayor calls a town meeting, or just sticks up posters about various things.

I think a pause for sophie to come back to confirm various queries, we’ve got till October, so no rush of course.


Hi guys. Sorry I didn’t reply to this. I’ll read over everything and give you thoughts.