Introduce yourself


Hi all! I finally signed up… I’m Samantha, I did crewing at the last two Teonn games (played Thyme the witch this weekend), went along to the recent Hindenburg game and Reunion as well. Looking forward to getting more involved with the community, you are all amazing and this new hobby is enriching my life lots, I’m so glad I started :slight_smile:


Welcome Sam!

You were lovely to RP with. :slight_smile:


Ohhh thank you! You as well :smiley:


Yeah, welcome Sam! You were awesome at both Teonn games!



Hi Sam :slight_smile: Glad you could make it. Watch out for the… you know what never mind it’ll be more fun if you find them yourself :smiling_imp:



I don’t know if I ever introduced myself.

I’m Jon. I’m a Wellingtonian. I’ve been roleplaying since I was a teenager. I’ve done a fair bit of LARPing, but it’s mostly been Vampire: The Masquerade (And Requiem). I played a lot in the UK when I lived there, and was the ANST Requiem (Assistant National Storyteller), meaning I had just about final say on all things regarding the UK game (the NST could theoretically overrule me). I’m pretty new to anything boffer weapon related, and more use to social politiking. I have been described as “plot avoidant”, in that I tend to avoid anything not specifically directed at me and just have fun playing the character.

Um, what else? I’m on Livejournal if anyone uses that (Wyldcard), have a fair bunch of stuff there friends protected that I don’t share in public (i.e. Facebook or Twitter).



Who dat? :wink:


Okay, yeah, I’m an NFL fan(The New Orleans Saints - “Who Dat? Who Dat? Who dat say gonna beat dem Saints?”). And an NBA fan (lots of teams I support - Celtics and Mavericks to name a couple).

I play Ultimate Frisbee and Indoor Netball. And used to play basketball (I should really get back into it).



Thanks guys :slight_smile: I think Ultimate Frisbee should be incorporated into the next Teonn.


This. 1 million times over… <3


Only if it’s introduced in a humerous, someone tries to hit somebody else with a cooking dish method. Ninjas should also be involved. And champagne.


This one time, I was asking my GF what she wanted me to cook her for breakfast, cause I was being a nice guy and she was like “i don’t know, whatever” so I grabbed the frypan was waving it around, going “just tell me what you want” and the pan flew off the handle and hit her square in the forehead, I was left with the handle and a crying GF. She saw the funny side of it, but I still felt bad :blush:

Meanwhile… We return you to your regularly scheduled broadcasting.


I’ve been lurking for a while so I thought I should actually register and say hi… I’m Megan and I got handed a brochure by a nice person at Armageddon and ended up going along to Flight of the Hindenburg (I was Amelia Earhart). Had a great time and would be interested in doing it again when I’m actually employed and not completely broke, so I figured I should hang around and find out what’s going on. :slight_smile:


Hey Megan

Glad you enjoyed your first larp.

Good thing is there is a large community in Auckland. With plenty of people willing to help out or give advice if you ask.

Lots of games on, including monthly games, which are often not costume heavy.



Only if it’s introduced in a humerous, someone tries to hit somebody else with a cooking dish method. Ninjas should also be involved. And champagne.[/quote]

Are you sure you don’t want to re-think that? I can see this going very very wrong… phantom kebab wrong.


Hey Megan, nice to see you here and I’m happy to hear you enjoyed Flight of the Hindenburg - you sure looked like you were having a good laugh. :wink:

We’ve all been through those broke phases. I reckon if you keep an eye out and ask around you’ll see a cheap or free way to get involved in something even if you’re a bit skint, and people are often happy to help out with costuming so that needn’t be an expense that stops you.


Hey Megan, glad you enjoyed Hiddenburg (I helped run it with Ryan), I always wonder why I wasn’t doing this sooner :slight_smile:
So welcome aboard and hope you enjoy many more larps

(Shameless plug >>>) If your looking for a cheap larp fix ( :smiley: ) I am running Call of The Wild Hunt on Jan 7th and it’s only $5, there are some easy to costume characters too. You can check it out on the Auckland forum, I still have 6 spots open :slight_smile:



Thanks for the welcome, everyone :slight_smile:

MissC, Call of the Wild Hunt looks fantastic. I’ll email you.


Welcome, Megan!

Wild Hunt should be heaps of fun :smiling_imp:


Kia ora,

Oldskool LARPer returning from a 2-3 year break from larping, to practice performing arts and study nursing.

I’ve signed back up to diatribe to play in Teonn’s next game in late May.

For peeps who remember me, I’ve missed you! x most of all Vanya, Anna, Tigger, AJ, Muppet, Nicki, Ryan Paddy, Raoul, and pretty much everyone from Mordavia days and St Wolfgang’s.

If you dont know me, I’m Zanni, I’m 21, I’m a student nurse in my second year.
I attended my first LARP when I was 14.
I’m Jewish, a vegan, an atheist (for the most part) and i like rasberry tea and playing roller derby (even though I’m not very good at it). I’m in a band called Stress Cadet. Sometimes I dress like I live in the 1950s, or a bit gothic, or like a rather tame Lady Gaga. I’m planning on going to London when I graduate from nursing school to run a free clinic for female junkies. In my spare time I like to eat kettle pop corn and play my harmonica.

Here is a very flattering picture of me. Please don’t expect me to look this nice in person, I’ll often have biscut crumbs on my top and occassionally outlandish face-paint.