Inspirations: "Allegiance"

Seen on Facebook: Allegiance, a game about the Cold War:

This is a pervasive larp, set in 1970’s Norway, with the players split into national teams based around their nation’s embassy. The vibe is meant to be Le Carre rather than James Bond, with themes of loyalty and the ethics of the cold war. Which sounds great (if hugely troubling to stage as a pervasive larp), and I’ll look forward to reading about how it goes.

But looking at the individual embassy pages - for example, the United Kingdom suggests that such a situation is ripe for a theatreform. Though as a bureaucratic game, it would need some actual “work” - some IC meetings, and a small horde to provide NPCs for them - and you’d need to make sure there was a good balance of play between the diplomatic staff and the spies. But it looks like it could be a potentially interesting format.

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I hate the practicalities of larping in public. I’ve done it, I did not dig it.

I love their “will I like this game” list. Very clear design structure.