Inspiration for 2021

Because larps go much easier if you write them a year in advance, here’s some historical inspiration from Wikipedia for next year. If you like to live dangerously and write for the year ahead, 2020’s list is here.

Set in 2021

  • Children of Men
  • Johnny Mnemonic


  • Books: A Game of Thrones, “Animorphs” series
  • TV: Dark Skies, Millenium, Neverwhere
  • Film: Doctor Who, Fargo
  • RPGs: Deadlands, Fading Suns, Feng Shui, VtDA
  • Computer games: Pokémon Red


  • Salyut-1, the first space station
  • the Stanford prison experiment
  • Deaths: August Derleth
  • Books: Mr Tickle (the first “Mr Men”), The Lorax,


  • first meeting of the UN; last meeting of the League of Nations
  • Project Diana starts the space age
  • first nuclear tests at Bikini
  • Tupperware goes on sale
  • Births: David Lynch, Alan Rickman, Phillip Pullman
  • Film: The Big Sleep, It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Books: Titus Groan, First Term at Malory Towers


  • Anglo-Irish Treaty
  • Books: The Black Moth (first by Georgette Heyer)


  • Klondike gold rush
  • Books: The Island of Doctor Moreau, The Well at the World’s End
  • Births: F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Deaths: William Morris


  • first excavations at Troy
  • The Paris Commune
  • Great Chicago Fire
  • Books: Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, Middlemarch
  • Deaths: Charles Babbage


  • Births: Walter Scott


  • Fall of Tenochtitlan
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How did I miss this one? Divine Comedy larp, anyone? Or just C14th Florence, with whites vs blacks (who are just Guelfs and Ghibbelines with new names)?