Inspiration for 2019


Because larps go much easier if you write them a year in advance, here’s some historical inspiration from Wikipedia for next year:

Just out of copyright (in NZ)

  • Gormenghast (and everything by Mervyn Peake)
  • The Jungle (and everything by Upton Sinclair)
  • The Grapes of Wrath (and everything by John Steinbeck)
  • The Famous Five (and everything by Enid Blyton)


  • Film: The Lion King, Interview With A Vampire
  • TV: B5 begins, TNG ends
  • Games: XCom / UFO: Enemy Unknown


  • The Moon landing
  • Stonewall riots
  • Woodstock
  • The first ARPANET message is sent (the internet is born!)
  • Books: The Left hand of Darkness, Dune Messiah, Master and Commander, The Godfather, Flashman, Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos
  • TV: Scooby Doo. Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Sesame Street. Looney Tunes / Merry Melodies ends


  • Film: Gaslight
  • Births: Terry Brooks (Shanarra)


  • The Paris Peace Conference and Treaty of Versailles
  • Women’s Suffrage in the US
  • Births: Isaac Asimov
  • Deaths: L. Frank Baum (Wizard of Oz)


  • The Dreyfus Affair
  • Books: The Jungle Book, The Great God Pan
  • Deaths: Robert Louis Stevenson


  • Books: War and Peace


  • The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo
  • YMCA founded


  • Peterloo Massacre
  • First steamship crosses the Atlantic
  • Books: The Vampyre, Ivanhoe


  • James Cook lands in New Zealand, at Poverty Bay


  • Books: Robinson Crusoe


  • Foundation of the Kingdom of Wessex

Inspiration for 2020