Important Consequence Announcements!


While we have everyone’s attention i’d like to run down the next few steps for Consequence.

Please keep the following dates in mind when planning Consequence-related things:

  • 4th January 2019 (Friday) - Rules Release & Character Creation Guide published
  • 22nd March 2019 (Friday) - Tickets for players & crew go on sale via Eventbrite

Player Spots

  • There will be 10 player spots per Faction available.
  • Payment via Eventbrite will secure your place.
  • Price TBD, although we will advise potential players as soon as we have made the decision.

While our official rules release will take place on January 4th, we may publish intermittent rules teasers between now and then. In the event we require participants for open playtesting, this will be arranged through the Wellington Weekly Combat Practise page. (


Consequences will never be the same


I look forward to using EventBrite to buy larp tickets for the first time. i hear its really easy for GMs.


Its really easy as a player too. It means I know when I’ve paid, and I can pay using the same form I’m signing up with. No jumping over to internet banking apps.

Looks like it might be a good idea to either think up multiple concepts, or have a character who can be flexible on factions - in case some factions end up super popular.


It does seem to have created a lot of FOMO though. Which is weird, because the number of player and faction spaces would be the same whether they used Eventbrite or not, and this way there’s more transparency about them.

(Though there was also FOMO about Embers when it was in its pre-opening hype phase, and it didn’t use EventBrite. I guess Wellingtonians really want to play in campaigns…)


The FOMO has nothing to do with Eventbrite itself - that’s just the tool. The FOMO is from first-in-first-served being used as the means of deciding player spaces1. Which, I mean, its fair, but its also fair that GMs don’t want to run massive campaigns. Because we have historically been a one weekend campaign at a time type of town, not getting into a game as a player is a big deal for a bunch of people who find travel hard.

…and I might be convincing myself to crew. :thinking:

1 not that any other way is better, mind you. Its always going to cause FOMO.


Its perfectly reasonable for GMs to limit the game to a size they feel comfortable managing. If that doesn’t meet local demand, our community probably needs to run more games.